Sunday, April 24, 2011

Progress Report Month 4

So we've arrived at the end of month 4 with T-Tapp, and I'm excited to report that I'm down another 9 inches!  If you remember, I was a bit disappointed with my small loss after working so hard last month, then this month I hardly did anything due to being sick the first part, and on vacation last week.  I did do a MORE bootcamp (4 days), but that's about it.  I've stopped trying to figure it out :)  So my grand total since December 22 is:


Pics for this month (click to enlarge):

Comaprison collages from December til now CLICK to enlarge:

Pretty neat, eh?

I also had my blood work redone, and my yearly exam.  Back in December, there were several things out of kilter besides my weight and energy levels.  I was very low in vit D, borderline anemic, and my blood sugars were elevated.  Thankfully I've lost 15 pounds so far.  In T-Tapp, that translates to 2 sizes with an average gain of 7-10 pounds of muscle weight....meaning DON'T worry about the scales!!!  Last time I wore an easy size 18, I weighed about 15-20 pounds less than I do now! 

I have no more anemia, and vit D is now normal.
EDITED:  found out my iron is still too low.  Moving in the right direction though.  Vit D is within normal range, but still too low for my liking.  Keeping up supplimentation.
Unfortunately, my sugars are still elevated, though they've come down from 6.1 to 6.0.  Normal is below 5.7, so I've been referred to a diabetes doc.  I'll keep ya posted.

Also, my gyno believes I have a uterine fibroid, which would explain why I'm feeling bloated and having some not-so-fun symptoms with my periods.  It would also explain why I can't hold my tummy in :)  I have a sonogram scheduled for a week from now to check it out.  If it is a fibroid, they are almost always benign and only need attention if it causes pain and so forth.  Minor surgery to remove them is a possibility.  I've done some reading online that mentions estrogen dominance can cause them.

So.....what this all means is that I may need to make some more dietary changes, and I'll be exploring how to do that via Geneen Roth's way of zero deprivation balanced with caring for my body.  Should be interesting!


  1. Congratulations! You are doing so great, what an inspiration!

  2. Congrats on your wonderful progress and I am sending you good wishes for your tests that are pending. I am looking forward to coming back and reading your blog from the beginning.

  3. Wow!!! You are looking great! You might get some natural progesterone cream to balance the hormones which will get rid of the fibroids. Just do some research on it.

  4. I thought I was following this blog all along...and when I didn't see anything I thought you had given this blog up. I am so glad I found you here! You look wonderful, absolutely wonderful. I am proud of you because I know how hard you have worked to do this! Going back to read more! xxoo Diana

  5. Dagnabbit, Google ate my comment! Here goes again:

    You're shriiinkiiing, Cindy! Kudos to your progress and commitment to taking care of yourself. You look fantastic (those side-by-side photos are really compelling) and you sound great. :)

    Wanted to let you know that I finally read Women Food and God a few days ago. Thank you a thousand times over for recommending it. I will be buying myself a copy (something I rarely ever do) so I can highlight and underline all the powerful stuff Geneen has to say.

    I feel like this book and Geneen's approach to emotional eating is the missing link I didn't even know was missing in my journey towards a sane relationship with food and myself. I can't wait to re-read and more fully absorb what she has to say. Thank you, Cindy, for sharing Geneen with me. ;)

    Take care,

    P.S.--I hope your sonogram goes well. Have you had one before? I had one several years ago and was completely unprepared for it because it was *internal.* Now this was before I had my son and hadn't yet dealt with many invasive female procedures, so perhaps you could call me naive, but when the tech whipped out the "wand" (and by wand I mean it looked more like a club) instead of rolling up a baby sonogram machine like I presumed they'd use, I couldn't stop myself from blurting out, "You're not going to put that where I think you are, are you?!? I feel like I should have a drink or two first!"


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