Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome, from a Bright, Animated Type 1!

If you're here, you're gonna get a decent dose of the world thru the view of a Type 1. 

If you're still learning about the 4 Types in Beauty Profiling, then I hope as I discover more and more what it is for myself, you'll come along with me.  What's a journey without company and chocolate?  The purpose of this blog is mainly to explore the new paradigm I find myself in, having profiled myself (with support from the  DYT experts) in the Type 1 Energy as taught in Carol Tuttle's newest Beauty Profiling System, Dressing Your Truth.

Right over there on my sidebar, you'll find a plethora of linky-dinks including Carol's Dressing Your Truth site, and her blog.  And you can visit her Facebook Page, join her on Twitter, and watch her vimeo video vault.  She's full of energy and passion, and tells it like it is with a genuine desire to help women (and men and kids!) live more fully aware of our unique selves within our Energy/Beauty Type. And we all know there's nothing more fab.U.lous than seeing a woman live in her true nature and use her natural gifts to help others.  Don't know about you, but I'm just not all that motivated to love myself when some airbrushed supermodel is telling me how to look, and doing so as if that's the be-all, end-all of who I am.  I'm a wee bit over that whole rigamaroll.  You?

So how did I even find out about all this?  Well, at the beginning of March, just as I was looking to restart my T-Tapp exercise program, I got my monthly email from the creator, Teresa.  In it, she commented on how a particular thread on the forums had officially become the longest yet.  She mentioned Carol and her work, and curious, I jumped over to the thread.....and the rest is history, as they say (which means what exactly?)

So, from here on out, I'll be posting my thoughts and feelings as I begin to embrace this new truth, adding way neato clothing, accessories, makeup, and hair ideas for critique and discussion.  I want to get some dialogue going with other folks who are Type 1's as well as the other three Types as we navigate thru living and dressing in our true natures. It might even help us get along better.  
Imagine that.

I will also write about my journey with learning to eat and exercise in a healthier way.  I've had lots of starts and stops (Type 1, anyone?), and I'm ready to make another go at it.  I'm putting all my proverbial eggs into one basket here...namely that learning my nature as a Type 1 will help me be kind and accepting and forgiving and supporting to MYSELF for a change.  Yep.

One caveat:  I have been thru the Energy Profiling online course, had a Body Profile Assessment, and took the Dressing Your Truth Course as well as read Carol's book "It's Just My Nature".  I don't intend for information on this blog to be expert advice. I hope it will be just another platform for DYT'ers to come and discuss, get inspired, offer critique, ask questions, and have FUN.  You know, be all bright and animated and stuff.  We'll be so key-oooot, right?

In fact, to respect Carol and the work she has done to create this profiling system, I am only posting information that is already readily available on the DYT site. Though it'd be nice to have the freedom to discuss some of the specifics I learned  from the Type 1 Course without worrying about letting the cat outta the bag or worse, allowing people to lift Carol's gems from here without paying for it, I'd like to keep this blog open.  That's just how it's gonna be.  Don't make me get out the wet noodle, k?

So.  Who's in?  I'm ready to shake hands with myself and get to know 'me' thru this new lens, and I have a feeling it will be very like meeting an old friend.  One who has been lurking in the corners a lot for the last 40 years.  I want to honor her, and stop hiding behind the Energies I've taken on to protect myself or hide myself from others.

The last few days have been a rollercoaster ride emotionally, but I think there's been a breakthru, and boy have I needed a breakthru!  And because I'm SUUUUCH a Type 1, what better way to move into that than to start (yet another) blog!  I have lots of IDEAS.  I want to hear your ideas too.  In fact, let's BOUNCE a bunch of ideas around the cyber-room and have a BALL growing into our Energy!  Ok, that was cheesy.

(Easter Sunday outfit, first day of Dressing My Truth)


  1. oh you are so cute!!!! I love the outfit. Would love to see it again with the new hair :)

    I have found what I consider the absolute must for every type 1 woman! The little tiny hair clips in lots of colors. And I mean TINY!!! they add way cute pop to hair! so fun!

  2. oh darn I had a thought where'd it go?

    oh yeah. There is a pic on the side of the blog a circle with hearts coming out of it. That would be so perfect for one of the fb groups. I have been looking for a picture to change one of them so that they have different pics from each other. (I get myself confused hehe)

  3. Hey!! Recently found ur blog through google after doing dyt and finding I'm a type1 with 3/4 types lurking! Lol. Loving your blog already! Thanks! Is it ok to ask about your cheat chroma card?

  4. I think your figure would show through more if you had the skirt a tulip skirt

  5. I'm so glad I found your blog. This is exactly the place in life I'm at in my own life.


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