Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh, hi.

I'm Cindy, located in a swivel chair in NE Indiana. I'm a wife and mama to 6 kids, 3 kids-in-law, and gramma to one extremely beautiful granddaughter.
 I've dabbled in many creative endeavors besides procreating, though. 

Currently, I make and sell handmade soap, infant slings, and revamped furniture. I've homeschooled 14 years and doula'ed for 7. I dig interior design and have been known to help friends with their cottages for a free lunch and a Lowe's gift card. I also love to write, and I publish a decorating/crafting blog called
::cottage instincts::  

I began this blog to chronicle my (hopefully) uber-fabulous journey of change both outward and inward thru T-Tapp and Living My Truth (and adding yoga in July 2012).

I began my Energy Profiling adventure in March, 2010 and discovered I'm a Type 1, with a secondary 4.  I began Dressing My Truth after taking the Type 1 online course.
If you'd like to read my very first post about my specific experience with Energy/Beauty Profiling, go HERE.

Edited April 2012: As I mentioned, I stopped caring for myself in July 2011 after 7 months of hard work and very little results.
Nearing my 45th birthday in March 2012, I started once again using Robert Ferguson's Diet-free Lifestyle.
In July I began a new journey into yoga.
You'll read a lot about that as I rediscover how to 'root to rise', in the physical, mental and spiritual.

So that's the present tense. Thanks for popping over. 
Hope you find something to inspire or make you laugh.

The Fam
August 2012


  1. I'm loving THIS blog of yours (you have so many!) Do you think I'm a Type 1? I do...and I don't like gold jewelry, so what's up with that?


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