Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What I'm wearing, hair, and accessories too!

I did so much ding dang shopping before my trip that it's gonna take a bit to show you all the ridiculously cool T1 clothes and jewelry I've found.  Accessories are definitely my fave.  These outfits are all stuff I've worn from the last few days since getting back, except for the white linen top pics...

Way cool circle necklace with matching earrings.  They have chocolate brown beads.  

I wore them with my chocolate brown tunic and coral shrug I showed you from my beach pics.

I also found this irridecent bracelet that I paired with some wooden ones I already had.  

Next up, my perfect yellow T with a jewelry set from Pennys.  With my deep brown capris rolled down to slacks and my brown flip flops with gold circles.  
That'd be my big black dog Bogart lounged in the foreground.

I also fiddled with my hair...used big velcro rollers around the crown, and my straight iron along the bottom to get the flip.  I love the brown leather 'strap' on the necklace!

Here's my super awesome new watch from Meijer....deep chocolate brown leather band, lots of circles and bling on the gold face.  LOVE!!!

Not sure why I stuck this one in here....prolly so y'all could see how dirty my mirror is :)

Alrighty...this was my Easter outfit, except I wore a stone colored linen flippy skirt.  I hadn't put my makeup on yet in this shot....

I tried pulling half my hair up, and twisted my bangs back with a bobby pin.  Or booby pin.  You choose.

With make up and closeup of my jewelry set:

I picked up the shimmering 'la colors' at the dollar store.  Nail polish was on sale at Walgreens....

Click to enlarge....not sure if the sparkle shadow shows up very well...

And the pretty glitter polish on my toes with a new set of flip flops from Fashion Bug and an anklet I picked up in Destin.  It's pretty light...this is three coats.  I think it would be cool over top of another shade.

This is the first time I've tucked in my top.  The flared capri's were thrifted from last April,
 just after I started DYT. 

Last set of pics....just before leaving for Destin.  Oversized white linen blouse with the shell necklace I showed you in the beach pics. 

I blew my hair out upside down and used the flat iron to get it wispy.  Still takes too long....I'm pondering a body wave after it grows out a bit more.

I also played around with my makeup, and found I really like using brighter pink lipstick and 
a fun royal blue eye liner.  

Even pre-tan, those colors help keep me from being too washed out.

So there's some recent outfits, accessories, makeup and hairstyles.  I'm having fun playing again.  I have tons more shoes and jewelry to show you as well as clothes.  In fact, I have so many choices in my closet right now, I get a bit overwhelmed.  Ah well.  Variety is the spice of life!


  1. You look wonderful!! Love, Love, LOVE the outfits!

  2. Oh what fun new accessories! You look amazing!!


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