Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Beach Fashion Show

I'm back from the beach with my hunky hubby,  
and I couldn't wait to show off all my outfits for you DYT homies!

First morning beach walk, blinded by the glorious sun!  Yes, Mom, I was wearing sunscreen.

These are my default jewelry choices, by the way: gold hoops, gold chain with blingy cross (and gold watch)
Pale pink tank from Old Navy, stretch denim capri's Walmart last season.

Later on, I hit the beach in my new T-1 turquoise suit. See dat bright shiney gold circle?  Perfection.
I colored this shot like an old 70's polaroid.

This is prolly truer to the real color.  Flirty little skirt too!

Later that night, we headed out for some dinner and shopping. 
Picked up the top and cami at Old Navy, jewelry from Walmart. 

Can't remember where I got the flower in my hair. *scratching head*

This is my watch.  Can't remember where I picked this up either....maybe Kohls? Totally T1....both the watch and that I can't remember where the heck I bought it.

Next day I donned my old suit from last year...a chocolate brown swimdress with lots of T1 colors and designs. I have the straps tucked in, 
but that was dangerous because the suit is about one size too big now (yay!).  
I wore a fun flower in my hair and some big old dangly gold flower earrings with blue dots in the center.  

This would be how I spent most of my vaca time.  *sigh*

That night's going-out digs:  Some new jeans (they have blingy butterflies on the back pockets) from Cato, and a purple 'Super' sparkle Tee from, um, don't remember. Forgot my belt.  Ignore the slouchy pose.  
I got these super great gold flip flops from Fashion Bug that have pale purpley-pink and gold crystals on them.  You can see one peaking out...

Here's some purple and gold earrings I picked up to match from Penneys.

Next day's evening outfit: brown tunic and capri's from Walmart.  Deep coral sweater shrug Pennys.  

I just love shrugs/boleros.  My sandals have gold circle rings on the straps.  The necklace is shells, edged in gold with a blingy little starfish. Here's a close up from when I wore it with a white linen blouse:

Close up of accessories.  The flower pin that matches my headband is actually 2 scrunchies that all came as a set from the Dollar Store.  I stitched them together and added a lapel pin to the back.  Not sure why my boobies look so huge...hmmmmm

LURVE my earrings!

The last night I wore my thrifted gap peach/pink polo with my denim skirt.  
The hard plastic trio of bracelets from Walmart.

I got the handmade crocheted flower pin as a gift, and can't remember where I got the earrings.  

These are flip flops I got last season at Walmart, but I picked up the flowers at Dollar Store and hot glued them on for a nifty touch.

Unfortunately they wouldn't stay on, so I'm gonna half to find another way to attach them.

Aren't these sunglasses fabulous?  I actually bought them for my crazy T1 daughter. :)

I brought two long skirts too, a happy green and a turquoise the color of my bathing suit, but didn't get pictures of them....I'll post them next time I wear them.  It was hard to narrow down outfits for the trip, and I kinda went gung ho shopping beforehand.  I'll have tons of inspiration outfits and accessories to show you in future posts.  

Tomorrow is measuring/picture day, and I have the results from my 4 month doctor visit with some good news and some bad news.  I'll get all that posted in the evening.  I only did Primary Back Stretch while we were away, so I'll be hitting the workout schedule starting tomorrow.  I felt I did wonderfully with food....not depriving, eating what I wanted, stopping when I was full.  I don't know what the numbers will say tomorrow, but I'm satisfied with my choices while we enjoyed the beach.


  1. I love all your fun beachy choices!!! You are looking fabulous and it looks like you had a fun time!

  2. (((Cindy))),
    BEAUTIFUL, FUN, and FABULOUS outfits! My most favorite accessory is the smile on your face! You look awesome and happy and that is what it is all about!
    Go You!
    Lots of love,

  3. Cindy, are you a 1/2? I kept thinking how beautiful you looked in some of the pics. And adorably cute in others!

    I'm so glad you had a special vacation time! And that you looked MAHVELOUS, of course :).

    You look great! Congrats on your weight loss.


  4. Cindy, I've watched your journey ever since seeing you post on the T-Tapp forums last year when you first found out about DYT. It is so awesome to see how far you've come. You look absolutely amazing and so radiant and happy. You're really an inspiration!!

  5. Wow, Cindy! You look FAB! So cute in all your new duds and the new figure! Congrats on the great progress!


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