Friday, March 11, 2011

What I'm Wearing.

Here's the first of 2 sweater sets I picked up.
Don't forget, you can click the pics to enlarge them so I can just fill your screen :)

 I discovered that necklace looks quite dandy with this, so long as I don't overwhelm it with big ole dangly earrings.  Today I'm wearing round cz studs.

I highly suggest taking pictures of yourself.  It helps you see things differently than in a reflected mirror. 
For instance, I totally like my hair off my face better than say, in this post.

I also think I need more color on my face.  Definitely eye liner, which I HATE putting on, and some brighter lip gloss, which I also hate.  I pretty much don't like wearing makeup.  When I have to put it on for a night out or something, I go straight the bathroom afterwards to clean it off.  

So how about some more T1 inspiration? 
 I found this great site with handmade dresses and things chock full of T1 vintage style cuteness:

Take a gander:

A.Mazing.  Saving my nickels and dimes.....


  1. Great picture, Cindy! I like the necklace, too.

    You're right, I have learned A LOT from taking pictures of myself!

  2. I like your new finds! And I totally agree on the picture thing! And I LOVE Shabby Apple too~so much cuteness over there!

  3. I LOVE IT! The necklace looks amazing with the top duo. And actually very elegant, not too much at all.Have you thought about using eye liner that comes in a pot and using a brush to apply. that's what I do, and I love it loads better than a pencil or liquid. I've found applying everything with a brush is much more loving to your face! Just a suggestion...oh! And another one: I recently bought a lipstick, but the formula is very most, only slightly more substantial than a chapstick, and not as tacky as a lipgloss. Maybe you'd prefer that. Let me know if you wanna see what I have.

  4. *Sorry, the lipstick is "moist" not "most.*

  5. Love the outfit. It is so flattering and very slimming on you. That necklace was totally made for that sweater set.

  6. Honey - you are looking good! love it! I LOVE Shabby Apple! Did they send you something about giving away a dress on your blog? They did me - I haven't done it yet....I do believe I shall quit blogging very soon, VERY soon. I was thinking of doing a weight loss blog instead, or just keeping my yammer hole closed for a while....we'll see...miss you!

  7. Hey Cindy!

    Just wanted to let you know I have given you the Stylish Blogger Award. See all the details here ...

  8. Cindy,

    I love that shade of blue on you! Beautiful!

    Your Friend,


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