Monday, February 28, 2011

Bang (s)

So let me just say right up front that I'm WAY over my shorter hair.  It needs trimmed up, but I don't want to cut it.  I want it to grooooowwwwww.  I realize it looks 'cute' all flippy, but honestly I hate doing it, and never have found a rhythm to it.   And it needs done everyday.
With too much product....makes my scalp feel yukky.

And when I see pictures of myself, it just doesn't do anything for me.
At first, I liked the change, but now I realize I just like my hair long(er).  
All my favorite pictures of myself are with long hair and bangs that swoop over all random-like from my animated cowlick :)  
No highlights, usually a ponytail with a baseball cap.  For instance:

or this one:

or this:

I kept it off my face, which is important, tucked behind my ears with some layers put in, 
still highlighting the front cowlick::

or held back with sunglasses: 

Then there's this:

I totally should have been born in the 80's.  This is me impersonating Cyndy Lauper for a party:

But usually I just wore it like this:

Maybe tamed the cowlick and pulled the front back with a pretty
for more formal events like my son's wedding:

Or again, held back with sunglasses:

Or back to my beloved ballcaps:

Of course realizing my faux pas, I did what every self-loving T1 would do and grabbed some (dull) sissors and went to it.  But just the front.  Now I have bangs again.  Not crazy about it, but it needs another year to get the right length happening.  So here I am in the present tense:

The bangs pushed back adds height to my hair:

Here's how it looks pulled back with bangs over my forehead
....too cutsy I think, but variety is the spice of live for T1's:

really wishing I hadn't cut my hair...
but embracing the hairdo I have for now.  

By the way, like that necklace?  

I thought I'd love it, but I really think it's too much for me.  I don't know.  I think people will say hello to me and go straight to the necklace.  I know T1's are supposed to be able to carry off this kind of animation, but I feel a bit self-conscious wearing it.  

Now THIS....this jobby I love.  Thank you  Khols for clearancing these Ralph Lauren beauties ($8):

While I'm at it, let me show these off too.  The cheap shiney gold turns brassy brown after just a couple times wearing it, and it makes my ears itch.  I've been keeping my eyes open for gold plated sterling silver, and found the tennis and rope bracelets at Walmart.  The bling one was $30, the rope one came with a matching 18in chain for $7 on the clearance shelf.  I've had the serpentine for a few years:

So there ya have it.  Some bangs, and where to get more bang for your T1 buck.  :)

PS...I find it awesome that other than silver jewelry and some black, 
I did pretty well Dressing My Truth way back when, yeah?  


  1. Oh my gosh! You are adorable with bangs!!! Good for you for listening to your inner sixth sense! :D

  2. Cindy,

    I too have bangs and long hair and can't imagine any other look. I like your short hair in the first photo (after cutting the bangs).

    We all have to be comfortable in our own skin.

    Your Friend,

  3. Bangs! I totally vote for that look with it pulled back with bangs. Totally!

    But I loved the long-hair pics, too. When you got it cut, I missed your long hair, but thought that was just me.

    I almost always like anyone's hair longer than shorter. No matter who it is. Don't know why!

    I'm trying to grow my hair, too. Patience!


  4. Cindy, I think your side-swept bangs look great! And I honestly think you look wonderful with the haircut you have now, but I totally understand being more comfortable with longer hair. Whenever I cut mine shorter than my shoulders, I always wish I hadn't. Ah well... but I did laugh out loud about your use of sunglasses as headband. That's pretty much my favorite way to wear my hair!


  5. Ms. C. I like your hair shorter - but I also really like it longer. I do NOT like the look of the bangs with it pulled back. Trust me. It makes you look older and well - homeschooly. And I mean that in a nice way. You look SO much prettier with it in the first two pics...k? K. Still wish you were my neighbor.


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