Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What I'm Wearing.

Had a check waiting at the consignment store, so I was moved to spend it right there.  Here's one of the tops I got.  Tucking in shirts is a new sensation for me, and not one I'm fond of yet....hoping my waist will reappear sometime in the next year via T-Tapp.  

I like the collar...it's like ragged.  Click the pic to see it enlarged.  Please excuse the no-makeup look.  
Only have my foundation on at this point.

I like this shot 'cause it says "hey look at my big boob."  *rolling eyes*  
In T-Tapp jargon, that'd be 'Ribs Up'.

I picked up two other spring sweater sets that I'll get shots of soon.  
Found any new goodies to add to your T1 (or your own Type) closet lately?  

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