Monday, March 14, 2011

What I'm Eating.

Hi ho,

How thrilled are you that I am sharing my current favorite breakfast?  I know you're hanging onto the edge of your seat, so without further ado, may I present:

Cinnamon/Raisin Oatmeal and a green fruit smoothie!

Don't ask me why, but as I was beginning to learn to discern what my bod wanted to start the day with a la Geneen Roth, I stumbled upon a simple bowl of whole grain oatmeal.  It keeps me soooo full, and it tastes like nectar from the gods when I add a touch of cinnamon, milk and some sugar or honey.

Sexy, no?

And yes, this is a green smoothie, even though it looks deep purple.  What makes it green is the addition of 5 oz of baby spinich....a terrific and tasty way to get a serving of greens in the morning.  I make enough for two servings.  The second serving I save for lunch or dinner.  And no, you don't taste the spinich.

Mustard greens are a different story. 

Here's my recipe, a take-off from Dr. Fuhrman's recipe in:

In food processor or powerful blender blend til well combined:
4 oz. Knudsen's Just Tart Cherry or Just Cranberry juice
4 oz. water
5 oz. baby spinich
1 packet stevia
1 tsp Bragg's raw apple cider vinegar
Next add:
1 banana
1 TBLS raw nut or seed butter (cashew is my fave!)
Lastly, add:
6-8oz frozen blueberries (or dark sweet cherries)
To make this more a dessert, only use 4 oz liquid, and add 2 TBLS high quality unsweetened cocoa powder.

It really is for yum, and I've heard drinking your greens like this makes it 500% more assimilatable as it's already pre-digested, so to speak.  Packs a punch, for sure.

And of course, it tastes better in a pretty goblet with a fun straw :)


  1. Mmm! I love green smoothies! I have one almost every morning! They're not as scary as some might think! But yeah, mustard greens? I try to stay away from the strong stuff! :D

  2. I put spinach in my smoothie too sometimes. I just use orange juice, soy milk, frozen strawberries and a banana. When I put the spinach in you can't even tell!


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