Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Progress (Report)

When I first purchased the Food Lovers Fat Loss System, my head wasn't soooo much in the clouds that I actually believed I could lose '3 sizes in 8 weeks' as they promise 
(and they offer a money back guarantee if you don't).  
But I wanted to see how much I could lose in 8 weeks anyway.

Well, I'm here to report on my first 8 weeks, and folks, I'm pretty stoked.

I was a solid 22W when I started, and for those familiar with Women's sizing, 
they usually say '22-24W' on the tag.  
Not sure why they do that, but there it is.  So I don't really know if I was a size 22 or a 24, 
but I go with sung 22 :)

Now 8 weeks later, I'm squeezing into a 16W!  
That's 3 sizes by golly, and I'm claiming it.  
To be perfectly realistic, I'm comfortably into a 18W and can fit only 'some' 16s (mostly skirts), but on top, I'm definitely only a 1X or XL.  

Regardless, I'm a believer. I'm getting smaller and healthier without dieting or killing myself with exercise.  No food is off limits, folks.  Nada. Not a one.  Now if something makes my tummy feel weirded out, I'll take that off the menu, but I'm not counting that.

What is sooo amazing, though, is that while the scale hasn't moved much, my actual loss of BODY FAT (which is what causes the size loss) is 11 pounds.  The scale only shows an overall loss of 8 pounds total.  The difference is the gain in muscle.  I hate scales, and the only reason I use it is to plug that number into my formulas that help me figure my actual BODY FAT loss.  I started at a 37% body fat and am now at 33%.  That translates to about 68 pounds of flab, most of which will melt off as I continue living this awesome lifestyle.

I should mention, I don't have a weight loss goal with some arbitrary number on a scale.  Instead, I'm shooting for a size 6-8 with an active, lean body that craves movement instead of say, the couch.  :)  I'm banking on the fact that as I work this plan, my body will find it's 'happy medium' on its own.  Here's hopin'!

From here on out, I'll weigh and measure on the 21st of each month.  As much as I talk about just using the scale for mathematical purposes, it still terrifies me when weigh in/measuring day comes.  I'm learning to take some deep breaths, focus on how I FEEL.....focus on those things that can't be measured like better sleeping, smaller sizes, and levelled out blood sugar (yay!  that means no kooky brain farts or fogs or keeling over in exhaustion, something I definitely don't miss).

I took 'before' pics back in March, but other than outfits in the 'what I'm wearing' posts, I won't take an 'after' for quite a while.  Maybe after 6 months?  We'll see how I feel about it in September :)

Go me!

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  1. Go YOU! That is some seriously awesome progress. I'll be interested to hear more about this program because I'll be honest, it sounded too good to be true when you first posted about it. Glad it's working for you!



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