Monday, June 11, 2012

Back from our visit with the Mouse

I've wanted to post several times before we left on vaca, but it didn't happen.  Mostly 'cause I was in a funky mood alot of the time, and couldn't get my brain to unscramble my emotions into coherent words.  Lots of ups and downs, but happily thru it all, I didn't binge.  There was one night I imagined myself eating an entire bag of those soft chocolate chip cookies....and had to have a little cry over it even.  But I made it thru.

I also hurt my hip doing ZUMBA...trying to wiggle like the instructors who I'm fairly certain have not birthed 6 enormous babies, have never been overweight, and are like 23 years old.  Oy.

Then I got super awful sick just before leaving.  Wasn't able to do even minimal exercise.  But I didn't panic because there are no deadlines to this thing I"m doing.  This thing I'm doing is in fact, my life.  I'm on maintainence.  I just keep living like an active person who doesn't use food inappropriately and eventually the weight will drop off and stay off.  Another reason I lurve me some Food Lovers.

Each week I learn more about what my triggers are (waiting too long to eat, not having things pre-made and ready to grab or forgetting to drink my water).  I learn when to listen to my body regarding exercise, and I get plenty of sleep.  That sickness I had is still making me feel tired and weak, even after 2 weeks, so my workouts are kinda hard.  Need to back off a bit or I'll head for another adrenal crash.  Thankfully, having to stop for a few days while I was really sick, helped heal my hip.  Today it never made a peep while I worked thru T-Tapp Arms ( A killer I might add). While away, I worked out 3 days, doing a 30 minute brisk walk and some T-Tapp moves.

I brought tons of cute T1 outfits for the trip, but only snapped a couple pics.  Unfortuanately the weather was just plain awful after our first day, so doing hair and makeup was a waste of time.  This just wasn't my year for great Florida February it was miserable too.  Ah well, always next year!

Anyway, here's a few shots:

My T1 son on the left, T4 son on right.  :)

Later that evening I met up with a blogger friend, Erin from Carolina Country Living.  
She is awesome.  
Her home was featured in a recent Romantic Prairie Style magazine.  
I know.  
Here we are at Ghiradeli's ice cream parlor...
(I was looking at her hubby's camera...duh)

Here's a pic of a thrifted linen wrap blouse....had given up on doing the hair with all the rain.

Out to dinner with friends this night, another wrap blouse and a white denim tiered skirt.

My chocolate brown and polka dot swimdress...

My youngest and I at MK.  My necklace said 'wish' and had a wee star.  

That's about it.  Wish we'd had better weather, but it was nice to get away.  
Getting back to regular life today, catching up on stuff, cooking and laundry.  
The usual.  


  1. Oh- You are looking GREAT and I am so glad that you are having fun with your family. Blessings- xo Diana

  2. Cute outfits. Zumba was tough for me to learn, but I'm glad I stuck with it - never felt so uncoordinated and inept in all my life as when I started. Hope your hip is all better and your energy increases. Take care of yourself!


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