Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What I'm Wearing. On my face :)

I'm still having fun playing with mineral makeup.  Today I tried a few new combos.  
I'm wearing a brown tunic and denim skirt with a brown flower in me old hairdo, 
so I went for mainly warm shades.

1. Erzulie's Goddess Glow Liquid Bronzer.  2 pumps smoothed on with my fingertips.

2. Noella Beauty Works  (aka: NBW) Loose Foundation in Medium Tan and Pearl Mineral Veil.
Used my kabuki brush for both.

3. Erzulie's Lip/Cheek Colorstick in Zoe for blush (used before the foundation and veil mentioned above), 
Primer, then Goddess Glow Bronzer stick for lips.

The Goddess Bronzer shimmer stick gives my lips a natural golden glow and a hint of sparkle (to match my bronzed face!).  I add a touch of my handmade lip gloss in the middle of both upper and lower lips.

4. Eye tools.  The mascara is natural mineral mascara by Beauty Wise from Natural Solutions

5. I use NBW Macciato as a brow powder with my stiff angle brush.  It's a beautiful matte brown.

6. NBW Creamy Orange all over lids.  YUM-MAY. So sad this is being discontinued.  
I bought a second one so I won't run out for a long time! Used my eye shadow brush to apply.

7.  NBW Dark Chocolate used as a liner. Used a skinny liner brush.  
This is an intense deep brown with sparkles!  Will use it as a shadow in the winter months.

See how pretty?  That Creamy Orange shadow is da BOMB for T1's.  The Macciato blends perfectly with my brows, and the Dark Chocolate has just enough golden shimmer to add some drama to my eyes.

So here's some shots of the final outcome...yes, that would be dust on my mirror.  Eek.

I even glow in sepia!

Have you tried mineral makeup yet?  I wish I'd switched years ago!


  1. Looking gorgeous Cindy, sending you my love always and holding you close in my heart in prayers through your journey.


  2. Mineral makeup rocks! (Hehe...) And you look fabulous in yours, Cindy! Don't you love how easy it is to use?

    I started with Arbonne in 2007, then switched to Bare Minerals in 2008, and that's what I've been using since. However, now I wonder just how natural BM is compared to NBW and Erzuli products? Will have to look into that... Regardless, I love mineral make-up and will never ever go back to liquid foundation.

    I still use conventional eye shadows, blush and mascara. How do you like your mineral mascara? Mascara seems to be a tougher product to make more natural. For the last year or so I've been using CG Professional Super Thick, mostly because it's only about $4 a tube.

    Right now, my favorite trick is to take lotion or sunblock and mix some of my mineral foundation into to make a tinted moisturizer. Despite having well-oiled skin :), it's simultaneously dry/peely in places, so I can lay down color and moisture in one step by doing this.

  3. went back and glad I did - your makeup looks so nice.... and I'm so glad I read where you were not feeling so on the top of things and NOW you are doing much better.... we have those "times" when our routine; our med; and so forth do not line up.... but alas, it turns the corner.... I'm so happy you're going to be a grandmother.... best thing that ever happened... or I think.... man, what love you feel from those little ones..... and you have tons of love for them.... be blessed, Jan


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