Monday, July 18, 2011

What to do with all those T1 accessories.

 First, you pick up one of these wood doohickeys at the ReStore that you hear tell are old playpen rails.

Then you lay it on your garage floor and take pics for the blog(s).

You might even consider posing it a little bit, for inspiration sake.  Or boredom. Either way.

Then you go to town with some liquid sander, spray paint, sandpaper and a drill bit or two.
And a lot of wee hooks.
Oh, and the thinnest dowel rod you can find.
And it becomes this:

 A nice way to display the plethora of jewelry you've accumulated since beginning to Dress your Truth.

And you hang it above your gramma's ancient sewing cabinet-turned-jewelry and accessory holder.  
'Cause you painted it to match.

You hide old high school buttons of yourself, and sentimental stuff in the drawers below.

And for the stuff that doesn't fit on your new handy-dandy jewelry holder, 
you just swag them over your vanity mirror like so.

It's awesome to sit at my vanity and see all my goodies at once.  
I can try stuff on and easily switch stuff out.

So what do ya think?  I'll show you the whole area once it's done.  
I still have some work to do on the vanity and bench.


  1. What a great idea, Cindy! I sooo need to organize my jewelry! I hate trying to dig through the drawer to find things! You did a great job! xo Diana

  2. LOVE it! You've got a lot of fun jewelery!!!

  3. You've just given me a reason to keep the little ladder-thingy I bought at Goodwill about three years ago and never did anything with!! I need a jewelry hanger/organizer and now I realize I've had one...just needs a tweak! Thank you so much!!

  4. What an awesome idea! It's cute and it's functional! Very cool. Did you just use half of it?

  5. I have NO hand skills. But oh how I wish I could snap my fingers and duplicate your stunning work in my own home! What a fabulous idea, and I need it so bad ...

  6. This looks awesome! Great work!


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