Saturday, July 2, 2011

Noella Beauty Works Mineral Makeup Review!

I'm still playing with the products I've ordered online. I haven't even had a chance to play with all the colors!  But they look so pretty all nestled together in my makeup drawer.  Now I'm getting ahead of myself.

I've ordered from three places thus far, and today I'll review 

Jackie's an Etsy seller with a HUGE selection of knock-out colors for all 4 Beauty Types.  I've already ordered 3 times from her shop.  If you friend her on facebook, she sometimes offers discounts.

Inside my non-descript postal envelope I found my items packaged thus:

She had me at vintage scrapbook papers.  OMG.

And here is what was in the first package: 
One Premium Coverage Foundation
One Pure and Natural Mineral Blush
Five All Natural Eyshadows

Here's the color names if you're drooling already.  (Wipe your screen and keyboard off first.)
And remember the colors look way more saturated in their little jars than they do on your face :)

I know.
Next was a little extra treat Jackie threw in.  And they're packaged like little treats :)
Always a plus in my book.

I call it AMAZING Amazonite because I use it as an eyeliner when I get really made up.  
I'll show ya in a bit.

I had also ordered a mini 'surprise' sampler packet, and here's what popped outta there:

See how she wraps them like chocolate treats?  LOVE.
Here's both the full size eyeshadows together:

And here are the single-use sampler baggies:

Her colors are just so beautiful!
This is what came in my second order from Noella Beauty Works:

She sent more small sample baggies with this order too, as well as directions for using the bronzer.  

In my third order, more eyeshadows (Macchiato, Dark Chocolate, and a couple clearance shadows) and her Finishing Touch Setting Veil.

The yellow above is Banana, a clearance shade.  I also got another Creamy Orange 'cause it's on clearance too, and I loves it.

Here you can see the two browns I is a matte, one is a dark sparkly one :)
The Pearl veil is a setting powder.

Here's a play-by-play of how I have applied Jackie's mineral makeup and some colors I've enjoyed so far.
I didn't bother with concealer or bronzer this particular day.  I like it quick and easy most days, T1 that I am.

Blank canvas:

Tools of the trade, er at least what I use:

 After brushing on the Medium Tan Premium Coverage Foundation.  
I put a little extra where my blush will go.
I also curled my lashes as I won't be using mascara and brushed my brows up and out.

Here I've 'pounced' in true T1 fashion the Pink Primrose Pure and Natural Mineral Blush.
Looks 'iffy' at this point, but it blends in like a dream.

Next come the eyes.  Here's what I chose.

Nude is an absolutely PERFECT natural pale pink.  There will be more of it in my future.
I used the periwinkle as a liner by dampening my stiff angle brush first.

It adds a nice little bling even though the overall look is natural.  

Notice the pink blush blended in nicely. 

I am wearing a natural lipstick I had on hand with my own handmade lip gloss.

Here is more dramatic look I've done using the Amazonite as a liner 
(and some natural mascara I will be reviewing later):

I've never been one to worry over large pores, sun spots, least not much. I don't  have many breakouts, thankfully, so mineral makeup lends itself well to this T1's need for a light, airy feel
quick application, and a natural look.
Touch ups are very quick, though unless I'm going somewhere later in the day, I don't bother. :)

Bottom line, I will be a very happy repeat customer at Noella Beauty Works.  


  1. I have been using mineral makeup for several years but have never heard of this one. I have always used BareEscentials and like it. I could never go back to regular makeup after using the mineral can't even tell you have makeup on. You're looking pretty hot there, Cindy! (or would that be COOL)?;>) xo Diana

  2. Your review was awesome! I am placing my first order of a few eyeshadows and am very excited to try them out. I have a feeling I will also be a repeat customer.

  3. Oh my gosh! Love, love, LOVE!!! How CUTE is all that stuff??? I think I'm going to have to order something!!!

  4. Great reviews! I personally use Bare Minerals with Clinique advance conceler for the dark circles under my eyes.

  5. You are amazing in colours !! Bright , fun , gorgeous !


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