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Erzulie Cosmetics Review!

Shazam! My first order from Erzuilie Cosmetics!

Today I'm digging into my order from Erzulie Cosmetics, forumulated by the fabulous Rhonda at Progress in Health..  There's mucho info on her site about all the nasties in most of the cosmetics and skin care we use, and Rhonda fills the gap by formulating and producing handmade viable alternatives for both.  
She also runs a blog with up-to-date articles of interest to those of us trying to use non-toxic stuff on our skin.  Erzulie is also on Etsy HERE and Facebook HERE.  
See tutorials on YouTube HERE and HERE.

My order included some awesome freebies too....a Mineral Gel Eye Liner in Intense Black, and a couple other things I'll tell you about further down in the review.

(gel liner)

Oh, and you'll notice the Oxygen Acne Care kit  in the first picture.  I ordered it for my daughter who struggles with breakouts.  I will do a review of those items after she's used them for a while.  :)

Alrighty, let's get started.....jumped outta the shower, made my bed (so y'all wouldn't think I live in  a complete mess), and got the camera ready....

First, I smooth on a small dollop of Ultra Hydration Facial and Body Moisturizer.  I got the unscented since I'm still avoiding all fragrances whether natural or not due to my estrogen dominance issues.  

Let it absorb for 10 minutes or so.  Then I bring out the big guns....  we're gonna get my mug prepped for a natural daytime look using the following:

Concealer, Highlighter, Corrector, Foundation, Primer
(links below)

I don't see the duo compact on the site anymore, but they are available individually:
The Erase Cream is for light to medium light skintones, so will prolly work better for my fairer skinned daughter, but I LOVES the Highlighting Cream!  I use it under my eyes and in the inner corners of my eyes to make them pop. I don't really use the applicator.  Ring and Pinky fingers work best for me.

Here are my sticks 'o power....use the Green Mineral Corrector Stick to offset red marks, use the Mineral Concealer Stick to cover zits.  You can dab them right on, then dab them in a bit more with your finger.  Not too much, though....

Next up is the Perfect Match Cream to Powder Mineral Foundation.  Again I use my fingers to dab it on around my face then blend.  It comes with a sponge applicator that I use at the very end to gently dab and smooth.  I got the Medium Tan, but for winter months, I'll go at least a shade lighter.  I wouldn't say it ends up a 'powder finish', but it also doesn't feel heavy like a cream foundation would.

Now my face is ready for the fun stuff :)

Here's a couple of my favorite Erzulie products so far:   

Here you can see them both together.  Either one works the same, dab and blend, dab and smooth.  I use the liquid when I want more of an all-over glow, and the stick when I just want to highlight where the sun would hit: cheeks, nose, forehead.  They both feel very similar after blending, and you prolly don't need both, but I wanted to see which was easier to use. (I had ordered a sample of the liquid, but awesome Rhonda send a full size pump!) The stick is nice to throw into your purse, and it's a great as a tinted lip balm too....the liquid covers large areas easier.  It also works great as a light foundation, which is another way I use it in the summer to enhance my natural tan. It's a toss up :)

Hard to see, but here's my glowing goddess face after dabbing and smoothing/blending:

 Last prep ingredient is the Multi-Tasker Eyeshadow Primer.

This is another one I REALLY love...again, I just use my pinky finger and gently smooth it over my lids.  It looks lovely as is, but makes a great base for shadows....especially loose mineral powder shadows.  And don't tell, but I use it as a primer on my lips too.  Feels awesome!

At this point I'm ready to work on my eyes. I brush my brows out and up, and curl my lashes.  
It's time for some eyeshadow!  
Erzulie offers many options for coloring those lids.  Here's what I have (so far!):

First, Mineral Eyeshadow Pencils (I got Holographic Universe as a sample, 
and I use this as an eye liner as well.)

It's a sparkly iridescent grey, very neutral.  Lovely for a 'smokey eye' look when used as a shadow, which as a  Type 1 I don't do, ya know, but your Type 2's would LOVE this!)

(Mia on the Left, Sun Goddess Bronzing Stick on the Right, also shown with the liquid bronzer above)

By the way, Rhonda also makes Mineral Eye Liners in gel, liquid and pencil forms, 
as well as Mineral Mascaras in matching colors.  I will be ordering those after 
I use up what I have first. :)

I have used the Mia Shimmer Stick on my lids and Holographic Universe Mineral Eyeshadow 
as a liner under my eyes here. 
(I wish the colors would show up better.  The lighting in my room isn't the greatest...)

Last step: Cheeks and Lips.  I used yet another awesome product that does double duty: 

I picked Zoe for my blush and lips this go around.  Here it is on my can see it better here as it's not blended as it is on my cheeks.  Brenna is a bit darker and more dramatic.

Rhonda also makes another lipstick in several tempting shades called RX Color 'n' Shine, which I can't wait to try out, as well as Goddess Glazes and tinted, flavored Juicee Glosses.

The finished look! (I haven't done my hair yet *rolling eyes*)
Click to enlarge, if ya dare.

I wanted to mention that because I use my fingers to apply Erzulie's products, it helps to keep a squirt bottle of purified water and a washcloth nearby to avoid cross-coloring.  Just a wee tip there.  No charge.

Mineral Makeup gives such a natural glowy look.  I'm loving it!  Progress in Health's Erzulie Cosmetics give a slightly heavier feel than loose powder minerals, but there are certain advantages....less waste, no danger of inhaling fairy dust, and for us older chicks, we get smoother lines and wrinkles.  

(oh look, I did my hair and added my new necklace from the DYT Store)
Rhonda's products also benefit the skin due to all the 'gourmet' oils and butters used in her formulations.  
They just feel yummy on yer face.  
Oh, and don't be scared by the fact that all those oils and butters are in there....
all her makeup is non-comedogenic, they WILL NOT clog pores. 

I will admit I sometimes use a loose mineral finishing veil to set everything, though when I don't, Erzulie's cosmetics don't run or fade.  The powder gives my face a bit less 'drag' overall. 
 I think that's only going to be a (minor) concern in the warmer months when I tend to 'shine' a bit more. 
For those who prefer a purely matte finish, you may want a finishing powder of some sort.

(in more natural light....)
The other super-wonderful thing about Erzulie Cosmetics is that so many of her products can be used for different things.  (No, silly, not washing dishes or making your kids behave....) 

The Lip/Cheek Colorsticks as well as the Shimmer Sticks can all be used as blush, lipstick AND eyeshadow.
Her Mineral Eye Shadow Pencils can do double duty as liners and vise versa.
Her liquid Goddess Glow Bronzer can work easily as a light foundation.
Her concealers, correctors and erasers can be used as highlighters.

I have several products now that seem redundant as I wanted to try different things, but when I re-order I will simplify things a bit (um, hello T1).  But then there's so many fun many possibilities (yep, T1!!!)
Her prices are so reasonable, too.  I'm considering hosting an Progress Virtual Party Online, so if you think you might like to try Erzulie's goodness, please let me know in the comments so I can gauge interest.  

My verdict?  For a complete skincare and cosmetic line, Erzulie has what it takes to complete with the chemically-laden, toxic drugstore makeup we've all thrown our money at for years on end.  I will definitely be ordering again, and will even put a link on my sidebar so you can be a goddess too, even when you've lost track of this post. :)
Thanks Rhonda!

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  1. Cindy- You look just gorgeous. It all looks so natural that you would never realize you had any makeup on at all! Beautiful! xo Diana


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