Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I'm Wearing.

Here's a hodge podge of outfits that adorned my nekid-ness these last weeks.  Had some fun with scarves and flowers, hats and jewelry.

Simple bright pink tee with polkadot scarf.  

This is what I wore to workout in.  Had bright pink sweats on, but didn't get a picture.  I figger y'all know what pink sweat pants look like :)  Pulled my hair back and gave the ends a flip.

Shrug with doubled tanks.  Pale blue tank from Gap outlet.

An outfit for church.  Added the flower clip to the scarf and got tons of compliments. Skirt from Cato.

Can't see my blue earrings, but trust me, they are awesome.

Yes, another shrug outfit.  Me likes 'em.

This is the stone linen skirt I wore with it.

Wore this to visit my folks.  Green cardi from Gap Outlet. Chambray skirt from Old Navy.

White and brown....

I LURVE my white birdie necklace!

Gap cardi again with simple pink tank and a clip on flower.  Gold heart necklace from Walmart.

Fun outfit to lead the kids in music for VBS this week.  I wore a long white skirt similar to the blue one I showed up thar.  Long white tunic from Walmart. Cowboy hat from Charming Charlie.

Love these earrings too....there's little blue dots in the middle of each flower.  Very fun!

And that's a wrap.  I'm working on a post reviewing some new mineral makeup I'm trying out.  I'm pretty pleased with how it's working, but I want to try a few more brands before I recommend anything.  You know, being the T1 that I am, I've got to leave all my options open :)


  1. You look absolutely fabulous in that brown and white outfit!

  2. You are looking sooo good, Cindy! Wonderful- I can see you dressing your truth/style. Perfect! Also, I am continuing to pray for your Mom and family...xo Diana

  3. I know I've said this before but you totally rock the shrugs my dear!!! I think you could safely add that as part of your signature look! Because you always look so awesome in them, I tried a few on at the store and they just don't love me as much as they love you! ;) Oh well!

  4. Forgot to say I can't wait to read your mineral makeup review! I just went out and bought new skincare products {free of all the synthetic junk} and new deodorant. I'm a little afraid of the deodorant detox phase ~ I don't want to stink! But I'm slowly making my babysteps to get rid of xenoestrogens from my life! Are you finding good T1 colors in the mineral makeup then?


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