Saturday, May 14, 2011

Do ya loves some Bling????

I've been slowly accumulating accessories from all kinds of places... thankfully they are easily found and pretty cheap if you know where to look.  We're talking costume jewelry, here, folks.  And purses, scarves and shoes. I try to never spend more than $10 on any one thing.  Because I'm a T1, I LOVE ME SOME VARIETY, and get tired of something too trendy or too 'out there' after only a couple then passing it along to my daughters or thrift/consignment keeps stuff new.  So here's some pics of my recent collecting....

My collection of shoes at present...I can see I need some pale pinks.

 This was actually found at The Children's Place.   It's the largest size, and fits my noggin perfectly.

I just love the embroidered details on this, and can't wait to wear it with a fun Tee to a baseball game...

Again, the headband is from The Children's Place (I encourage T1's to check kids stores for fun accessories!)
The hair pins were from the Dollar Store.

Pins from Walmart, bands from Dollar Store.

Headbands all from Dollar Store...

Two of my favorite most recent finds...white ruffle purse and peace scarf from The Children's Place!

These flowers are from a scrapbook section.  I will get some clips and pins to hot glue to the back.  

I bought this chain on clearance in the jewelry section at Michaels and found the pendant at Walmart.

These are all my bracelets....most found at Forever 21 (a GREAT place for cheap jewelry) and Walmart. They are sitting on a fat candle :)

Here's part of my collection of earrings, bracelets, and anklets...

All my watches...kinda like All My Children :)

Some close-ups of some of my earrings...

Had to use my flash for this one....I keep sets together on an old tiebar in the closet.  A lot of the necklaces are missing because as I put together outfits. I usually do this a week at a time...I have a blast trying different combos, then hanging them up with a necklace.  As a T1, the less time I need to spend in the morning deciding what to wear the better :)

I've shown you this before, but here's a ton of outfits I've already put together, and you can see how I hang the necklaces with them.  Then I just go find the matching earrings if there are any.  If not, I browse my collection to find something nifty.  I'll also add scarves.

If I come up with an outfit that I want to remember, but not necessarily commit to a hanger, lol, I'll take a pic with my camera.  Here's some I did that I'll use for inspiration later...usually for throwing together some stuff with a plain tee.

This also helps because my teenage T1 daughter has been known to pilfer my closet for accessories then forget to put them back....or where they originally went :)  Having 2 T1 daughters is helpful so we can share our accessories....and I can pass along stuff I'm tired of.  

Taking pics of my daily outfits is also fun for the blog, but for this spacey T1 it also helps me see what I've worn so I don't repeat myself (depending on if I don't WANT to repeat an outfit), as well as seeing if it looks as good in person as it did on the hanger.  

I notice too, when I'm playing around with outfits for the next week I can see if I need a necklace or shoes for a particular outfit.  I add "yellow accessory" or what-have-you to my iPhone, so when I'm out I know what I'm looking for and won't get distracted by all the other pretties.  Not that I do that. Ahem.  

This fun routine of going in and putting together outfits has been really enlightening as well...teaching me to pay attention to my 'resistance' to certain styles or colors.  Just because I can wear all the T1 colors doesn't mean I like all the T1 colors on ME.  See? And I know Carol says T1's can get away with tons of accessories, and I will do that if I'm going out to a nice place....normally I find one statement accessory with my 'standards' playing a supporting role works best.  Maybe that's my T4 secondary?  Anyway, 'Standards' chain with pendant, gold hoops/diamond studs/pearls, gold or brown leather watch, fake diamond tennis bracelet and my three gold rings.  

Do you other T1's do this?  Or do you enjoy the spontaneity of picking out your clothes at the last minute?  I'd admit I do this at least once a week....screw the pre-made outfits, just let me fly and see what happens spur-of-the-moment!  And I've been known to surprise myself with some pretty awesome combos...


  1. Wow! You have put together quite a collection. No wonder you are losing weight! You spend all your time shopping for accessories instead of eating! xxoo Diana Just kidding-I know what a committment you have made and are following through on!

  2. Great finds, Cindy! And I love your planned outfits. That's one of the reasons I take pictures, too, so I can remember what I tried that I really liked.

  3. Really beautiful outfits, Cindy! And congratulations on your success with T-Tapp. I see a fit and toned body after 6 months! Wow! You are looking great!


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