Thursday, May 19, 2011

What I'm Wearing.

Welcome to another edition of What I'm, what I wore this past week.  I LOVE doing this because often what I see in the mirror isn't what I actually look like.  This exercise helps me see how I appear to others.  Often outfits that I think are awesome just don't really look that great once I see them on the puter screen.  Then again, some digs I put together just don't seem right until I see them on the screen...then I'm like, WOW!
Have to say didn't have too many WOWs this week.  But it was a learning week.  Here's what I covered my nakedness with:


Green Gap outlet cardi with the Children's Place peace scarf and purple tank.  
Thrifted Jones NY denim skirt.  Skipped the necklace in favor of the scarf.

Sassy earrings!

Sassy Shoes I got for $5 at Wet Seal.  Need to gold-ify the buckles.

Did my hair all flippy that day.  I love it this way, but it takes work and generally is more floppy than flippy by the end of the day....


Pale pink Old Navy Tank, Cato shrug, thrifted Target linen skirt.

Jingly, Blingly Gold Sandals!  

 My irridescent sparkly earrings...

To go with the 3-strand necklace I got on clearance at Wet Seal.

Ooo la la :)


Really liked this one....especially cause I found a necklace that went perfectly with the combo.
American Eagle tank over blue tank (???) with white Dots shrug.

See how perfect it goes?  'Course I can't remember where I got it :)

I wore big F21 pale peach hoops, which you can just barely see here...but they matched the peach flower in the necklace.

Pretty cute, eh?


Blue and of my faves.  I've shown you all these pieces before in other outfit combos.

I did pick up the blue bling necklace at Gordmans....goes great.  (See my son in the mirror?)

See my messy closet???? Sooooo T1!


Liked this one too. Didn't end up wearing the pearls, and added a cardi. 

Got the earrings at Francesca's at the Mall.  Flower pin from Wet Seal.

Here's the detail on the back of my jeans.  T1 or what!?

Here you can see I don't have my makeup on yet *snicker*, but you can see how I layered the tanks.  The cream one is from Ann Taylor, the lace-edged blue is from Old Navy, top cardi is from a set I got from consignment. 

Wore my favorite flip flops with it.  White with blue and green beading.

'Nother casual set I didn't have pre-planned..  
Wore the Ann Taylor cami/tank under a purple burn-out tee from Dots. 
Wet Seal flower in my hair and purple polka dot flip flops from Walmart (last year).

One of my favorite it at Kolhs last year, but they still have them. 
 Irridescent balls on the lobes.

 DAY 7

Double tanks.  Goodwill finds.  Necklace from Walmart.

 The beading on the tank matched the necklace really well.  Hadn't picked out earrings yet :)

Again, no makeup.  Was still waiting on my order of natural cosmetics.

Then there's DAY
Kinda thrown together, clearanced Target shirtdress with white leggings and white flipflops.

Played twisty with my hair.  Because I had to get rid of all my stying products, it's been a challenge to do stuff with my hair.  Growing it longer so I can put it up in interesting ways will help me stay true to my T1-ness.

Also fiddled with my new makeup from Beauty Wise Cosmetics.   

So there ya have it.  My dressup play for the week.  The weather has been so unpredictable, it's hard to know what to put on. 
 I'm learning to shrugs and my trusty faded denim Levi's jacket have worked well.
Thanks for tuning in. :)


  1. It's the lady in the clothes that's so cute!

  2. Well, I'll give you a WOW! I think it was a great fashion week! You looked good in everything, and it was all put together in a very cute, happy, and fun way. I like it!! ~Gael

  3. You are looking fabulous, dah-ling! I am so proud of you on this journey! I really like your hair pulled back and up-I think it is fresh and pretty! Hugs-Diana

  4. You look truly beautiful Cindy! All those clothes look so good on you ~ but really I think it is the YOU shining through that makes the whole outfit{s}!

  5. I think my favorite was day 2. YOWSA!

  6. Hey cute girl! I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger award. But don't worry, no pressure to pass this on if you don't want to. Just know that I appreciate you and what you bring into my world via blogland! :D


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