Monday, April 11, 2011

What I'm Wearing.

Got into a pair of stretch capri's I picked up on clearance for about $7 at Walmart last fall.  They're like regular 18's, so I'm pretty stoked.  Thankfully I picked up a second pair in deep chocolate brown as well.  I can unroll the hems to wear as jeans too.  Spiffy.

I'm trying to put together outfits for my upcoming trip to Florida with Hubs.  I have this ginormous rubbermaid tub of clothes I've picked up from thrifts and clearance over the past year, so I spent Saturday trying on stuff (and getting depressed at times).  I purged tons of stuff that I felt were just taunting me.  I've decided it's best not to buy stuff in smaller sizes....just get what fits now.

Today I'm heading out to hunt for some fun accessories for the trip....sandals, jewelry, a beach hat, purse, and yes Virginia...some lingerie :)  After all, it's not often I get to go alone for a few days to the beach with Hunky Hubs....


  1. You look Mauvelous! I really like your hair this length, too.

    Have a wonderful time in Florida, you lucky duck!

  2. Have fun on the trip. I'm stoked for you!

  3. Great pics! And congratulations, Cindy, on being able to wear those jeans.

    That size is my goal because there are two clothing companies whose clothes I like that only go up to it. One, to 16-18, and the other, to 18-20.

    I don't have a scale but I can tell I have lost a few pounds just from changing what I am eating a bit.

    Have a wonderful trip with the hubs! :)


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