Friday, March 25, 2011

Changing it up.

Being the T1 that I am, I get easily bored with routine, especially regarding exercise.  One of the reasons I LOVE T-Tapp is because Teresa offers so much variety in her workouts.  During the last month or so, I've been working on the LadyBug (LB) workout, which is a variation on moves from Total Workout (TWO) and Hit the Floor (HTF).  It targets the 'ladybug' zone many of us deal with due to peri-meno or full on menopausal chub around our middles.  I've found it also great for those of us short torso folks who tend to gain rib to hip. I do the floor work one day, and most of the standing work on another. I also began Tempo Arms, which is the Basic Workout (BWO) with another 30 minutes of focused arm work.  Ouch. Some of it I have to do sitting down.  Just working to my max!

I've backed off from doing too much movement as well.  I was trying to do short workouts even on my off days, but finding my muscles were always sore. The rule of thumb is no more than 20 minutes of movement on an off day....but I've found it's just too much.  So now, I do at least 45 minutes 3X a week, M-W-F.  On the off days, T-Th I am planning to do just Primary Back Stretch (PBS), T-Tapp Twist (TTT), and a set of Hoe Down's (HD's) after meals.  I'll leave Saturday for Step Away the Inches (SATI) or Broom if I feel like it, and take Sunday completely off.  That's the plan anywho.

Lately I've discovered a couple moves that I plan to add at the end of long workouts....Awesome Legs (AL) and Pretzel Twist (PT) (find Pretzel Twists in the video menu on that page), done before I end with Organs in Place/Half Frogs (OiP/HF).

So for the record, this is my plan for the next 4-6 weeks:

Monday Legs: PBS, LB Floor, AL, PT
Tuesday: PBS, TTT, HD's after meals
Wednesday Arms: Tempo Arms, AL, PT, OiP/HF
Thursday: PBS, TTT, HD's after meals
Friday Whole Body: LB Standing thru Thread the Needle, AL, PT, OiP/HF
Saturday Cardio: PBS, SATI or BROOM
Sunday: OFF!!!

Edited to add:  As I've thought about this schedule, I'm wondering if I should alternate it with one week of BWO+ for 5 days and weekends off.  Then I could keep at it for like 8 weeks.  Tons of variety there.  Hmmmm.

I figure this way I can target different parts during the week, giving my muscles time to rest in between. I still have many other T-Tapp workouts I can switch in and out, but for now, this is the plan for the next month.

I'm still brushing just about everyday, and though I don't see a lot of difference in cellulite, my skin is soft as silk!  I still take the alfalfa too.  Try to drink 64oz of water with a couple drops of grapefruit essential oil each day too.  Hoping to add magnesium oil foot soaks and prill water soon.  We're also ordering a sink and shower water purifier from Aquasana.  Saving our nickels and dimes....

Honestly, it's slow going.  I haven't really moved from a size 18 (and some are still too tight, tho' some are too big) for the last month or 6 weeks.  Discouragement sometimes sets in and I feel like giving up.....but then I remember I'm doing this for my HEALTH first, not just to be smaller.  Sunday is measuring/picture day, and I admit I'm a bit afraid to see whether there's been any change.  I remind myself that Charlotte stayed a size 18 for 3 months on her way down to a size 6.  So....I'm still in it for the long haul.  Remembering my calendar says that by the end of March I would be a comfy size 20, getting into size 18s....and that's right where I am.  :)  

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  1. You go girl! Glad you're keeping it fun.

    And hang in there. I know plateaus are the WORST!



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