Sunday, February 27, 2011

This month's report!

Well I finished the 30 day Challenge over on the T-Tapp forums.  I had Hubs measure again, which is an extremely frustrating experience....we never remember where we measured or how tight we pulled the tape.  So it's not an exact science.  Which is prolly perfect for a T1 like me.  Not so much for my T4 secondary, but I told her to sit down and chill out.  So anyway, this month I lost 'round about:

12.75 inches!

That puts me at a total of 26.50 total loss so far.  I lost a bit everywhere except my pecs and calves.  Same way I gain weight....kinda all over :)  My clothes are fitting better, I've gotten rid of all size 20 tops.  Some 18 tops are getting baggy.  Hurray!  
Now for some grainy pictures (ugh):

And here's a new comparison shot from the start to now. (Click the pics to make them bigger) I realize it's hard to see a big difference at this point, but I trust as time goes on, it will be more noticeable :)

I really worked on my form this month.  I also tried some new workouts like Hit the Floor.  Um, yeah.  That one will have to wait a bit.  *snicker*  The other big change was adding in the CRT Brushing sequence with the alfalfa and fibertox.  Other than that, I tried to drink at least 8 glasses of water (with a couple drops of grapefruit essential oil.  

No dieting.  None.  Nadda.  Zip.  In fact, the first week of the Challenge was our week at Disney!  Again, I'm amazed at how the short, mindful movements of T-Tapp can change my body :)  There were many days I simply did PBS and some HD's.  I'm learning to better understand when to back off from workouts and when to push myself a bit.  Again, not a perfect science.  I'm soooo grateful for T-Tapp!
*Thanks Teresa*


  1. WOW -- impressive and from what I saw here, fun and challenging! Ummmm -- starting on the chair s l o w l y . Like the T1 logo with signature, want to do one for e-mails.

    Keep on keepin' on! love Mom

  2. Looking at this post and Laney's here w/ me. She said, "She's doing GOOD!" Then we scrolled to the bottom and she goes "Hey, isn't that Teresa?!" Haha. My T-Tapper in training. : ) Keep up the excellent work, my friend!


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