Sunday, January 16, 2011

What I wore today.

I put together what I thought was a cute outfit today out of some thrift finds last week:

(excuse the filthy mirror and pixelated shot...I'm working on that!)

The vest and skirt came from thrift, the blouse was on clearance and Wally's Place.  I like the looks of layers, and have always liked vests, so I liked this.  I wore some chocolate brown suede ankle boots and white leggings under the skirt as it hits just below the makeup today.  
Short on time to get out the door to church!  

If I was going to be nit-picky (channeling my T4 secondary), the blouse is too white, the vest is to greyed and needs pressed, and the skirt is too springy....but I think the whole look is fun, and I can't really see any other Types wearing this outfit.  That's a good way for me to decide if I'm still within the T1 world overall.  

Here's an example of an outfit that I think fit's my style of T1 from Boston Proper:

Notice there are no standard T1 pinks and yellows etc.  But I LOVE this look.  That necklace is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  Just sayin'.  BTW, hair is T2...don't let it throw ya.  Imagine the model with a short sassy bob and a big ole flower in her hair.

I also love kichy 50's clothes and vintage 40's styles.  Here's some examples:

50's Pinup dress from Blue Velvet Vintage

40's inspired wrap dress: Blue Velvet Vintage

Here's some classics that I would LURVE to prance around in: All images from Fashions from the 50's

I think the 50's were about as T1 a decade as it got.  
I've pretty much decided I'm gonna have to begin sewing or at least modifying lots of clothes.  I'm gathering ideas from Etsy and other online resources for adding animation to the standard fare of today's fashion world. I want to get beyond, say Christopher Banks and The Loft.  

A couple sites with great inspiration for vintage loving T1's:

How have you gals been stylizing your Types?  How have you made it yours?


  1. Well you look adorable. Much better then my attire today of gray sweats and a black t shirt!

  2. Super cute outfit at the top! Especially with the haircut! I'm so jealous... but in a good way. You rock!

  3. I think you look great and I would wear that outfit myself. What does T1 and T2 mean?


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