Saturday, January 15, 2011

T-Tapp Clinic with trainer Lisa Ridder!

I survived.  
Yes I did.

Didn't think I would, but I done did the deed without keeling over or embarrassing myself too much.

It was hard, but really fun. Learned a ton, and can't wait to work more on my form.  
Speaking of which, here's Lisa working with a participant 
while the rest of us were collapsed and panting, feeling as if we were dying a slow death resting a bit.

I know.  She's a total cutie. :)
Besides Lisa and her trusty sidekick Glenda, there were 7 of us I think.

Check out my Type 1 chocolate brown fleece.  
All you bright and animated T1's get yer butts to Old Navy and buy this.  
I don't think there could be a more perfect jacket for us...

(I sorta can't believe I'm smiling here.  Or standing.)

If you're able to attend a T-Tapp clinic, I really recommend it.  Nothing like a trainer to correct your form.  Oh, and I seriously don't like Diva Derriere.  Hello.

Thanks to Lisa and Glenda for driving up to the Fort to get our butts all tucked and stuff.

In other news, Hubs is taking me out to eat though I'm fairly sure 
I won't be able to get out of the chair afterwards. 
Fairly sure.  
Anyway, here's what I'm wearing:

Chocolate brown corduroy flippy skirt, pink blouse with double buttons down the front, and brown slouchy boots with gold buckles. Chunky floral bracelet and watch, gold hoops.
 The toilet isn't part of the ensemble in case you were wondering 'bout that.

Flip that collar girlfriend.  Own it.

Man I'm hungry.  Time to go.


  1. Salt bath tonight, Sweetie!

    Glad you *enjoyed* getting tortured!



  2. You are too freaking cute, Cindy!
    I am so glad you had such a torturous day. I mean that, in a good way, of course. You know what I mean!
    And what a small group, that is so cool!
    And wow an evening out after all that. Apparently your man doesn't understand but tries, really hard, LOL! If this was me, I would still be in the tub, forget snazzing out and looking so totally T1 cute!
    (I have to get to Old Navy and find that fleece for my daughter! I always need a *real* type to tell me what to get our *other* types, LOL! So thanks!)
    And after all these years, I still can't wait to get to my next butt kicking!


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