Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter white and chocolate brown.

Since hershey special dark brown is our T1 'black', I find I have quite a bit of it.  I've always loved brown anyway, 'specially the special dark hershey kind :)

At our 25th anniversary party thrown by my kids...daughter Maddie on the left was in charge.  
Read all about it HERE.

Anywho, I have this long knit chocolate brown pencil skirt, and I lucked out on finding the knit jacket blouse that goes perfectly with it.  Just shove up the sleeves and it's good to go. It's the winter white that looks best on T1's....just a touch of yellow.  Not ecru, not really ivory.  Just a warm white.  

I got some chunky pearls to wear with it, and I made the lapel pin out of two scrunchies I picked up at the Dollar Store.  Let me see if I can get a close up of it:

Um, ok that's scary.  You'll just have to take my word for it.  It's dang cute.  Dang cute.  
(And how's that for bright and animated?)

I lurve this outfit!  And apparently, so does Hubs....

One last shot of me and all my girls.  L to R: DIL Andrea, Kristen, me, Gracie, Maddie.

It can be hard as a T1 to find appropriate 'dress up' type clothes while still being true to our airy, fun nature.  So how do you think I did?  
And hey, did you Dress your Truth today?

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  1. You look "marvelous". Really. All of your girls are so cute. Loved your outfit and your attitude. You are an inspiration to me.


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