Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A purge and some ponderings.

This morning I decided I was sick of looking at a closet full of cute T1 clothes that I couldn't fit into.  I decided to purge and only keep what I would actually wear.  It was kinda depressing.  
Here's what my closet looks like now:

Kinda boring, eh?  That animated brown fleece I got on clearance last week at Old Navy looks pretty awesome though!  Granted, there's a few more colorful tops in the laundry, but that's most of my wardrobe.

Here's what's going to storage....lots of pretty colors!  Because I'm trying REALLY HARD to not set unreachable goals about my size, I think it's best to put these away for now.  It's too tempting to get down on myself because they are too tight. But tell me how cute they are!

I've been consistent with my T-Tapp workouts, generally doing MORE every other day (EOD) with a few basic moves on the off days.  I've also finished Geneen Roth's book Women Food and God.  I must say it was most excellent.  I'll be sharing some tidbits from each chapter as I go back thru it.  I LOVE that T-Tapp and Dressing Your Truth dovetail so nicely with Roth's philosophy.  It struck me that each of these women represent a different Energy/Beauty profile than mine, and each are different to each other!  

So I get nutured by Geneen's T2, pushed by Carol's T3, and perfected by Teresa's T4.  They all help balance my random T1-ness....and I can take whatever 'medicine' I need most at the proper time.  I feel blessed.  These women and myself make a colorful, complete circle.  

Something else I've been doing.....looking at my baby pictures.  It grounds me somehow.  I feel more connected to that little girl....more healthy and free.  See?  Totally T1.  This hangs in our bedroom...

And here's a wee collage I made with some random shots. Mom did pretty well dressing me in my T1 chromas and elements, eh?  (She's a T1 too....hmmmmmm)

I'm comforted looking at these.  I get in touch with the carefree world of toddlerhood.  Nothing to worry over, nothing to fret about.  I didn't have these pictures for a long time, and when I discovered them at my folks' house several years ago, I was uncomfortable looking at them.  Very critical, very non-T1 of me!  I didn't feel like a particularly pretty child.  I wished I had blond hair like my sis. I wish I didn't have chunky thighs and big cheeks.  

But having girls of my own who have been way too critical of their appearance, I learned to have grace for myself and see the indescribable beauty that was (and is!) me, both as a child and as a grown woman.  I was darn cute!  And I made others around me smile.  I was 'in my element' as a toddler.  I want to be 'in my element' now too :)


  1. Me, too, Cindy! I want to be in my element, too.

    I have been doing the Six Items or Less challenge these past few days, which required me to pare down my own wardrobe (to six items). And I've been taking pics each day for my SIoL blog.

    Well, I am also dressing my truth with my six and have been really moved when I look at these pics and see who I am at the core smiling back at me, looking through my eyes (click on my name to see what I mean). I love DYT!

    By the way, I love your closet! Very fresh and bright. And I support you in letting go of what you aren't wearing right now. Good for you!


  2. I'm going to have to go backwards on your blog and read more...very interesting and this may help me to pare away the clothes that I can't wear yet can't part with.


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