Sunday, January 2, 2011

Been a'pondering.

Since everyone and their dog are talking about New Year's Resolutions and goals and cheese diets, I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon too....

Here's the deal, though.  I'm a T1.  You know, the light, airy, bouncy, unfocused, disconnected type.  The great starters, full of enthusiasm and ideas.  But we ain't so great at finishing what we start.  Maybe it's just me, but I tend to notice there are more overweight T1's than any of the other types shown on the DYT club nights.  And that soooo makes sense to me.  Starting an exercise or eating plan is full of promise and FUN, and we can already visualize all the cool new outfits we'll be able to wear and how great we'll feel and look riding our new Beach Cruiser down the block, hair blowing in the wind, cheeks all rosy.

We start with gusto, but bog down when it isn't FUN anymore.  I've never been able to keep at new habits for more than a few months....having twice lost significant amounts of weight with diet and exercise.  Both times I regained the weight (call me Mrs. Obvious).  I think this go around I really need to stay focused on the small daily goals of being present, being kind to myself, etc.  I definitely don't need to say "I will be a size such and such in 6 months".....recipe for disaster for a T1.  I *have* set a mini-goal of a size 16 by my birthday, which is the end of March.  But I'm not focusing on that.  I'm not.  I'm not even gonna mention that we leave for a family vacation in Disney World in 4 weeks.  You didn't just read that.

I'm thankful I have a T3 hubby who is doing this with me.  He doesn't need to lose much weight, but he's still making wise choices about food, and exercising with me daily.  I enjoy being around him when we set goals together.  He's so gracious with me, but more importantly, with himself...a wonderful model for me.  He takes each day as it comes, gets r done, and doesn't let tomorrow's workouts or food choices even enter his noggin.  I'm thinking Someone important said something similar.....letting tomorrow worry about itself, Easter lilies of the field, that kinda thing.

I need to find some FUN pictures of Jesus.  
This is sooo not a Fun Jesus.  
Too T2, I'd say.

Because I'm a secondary T4, it's easy to revert to that energy when I'm feeling vulnerable or helpless....but instead of the positive spin of attributes, I cling to the negative judgements on myself for failing.  I focus on what I can't change instead of what I can change. How many times I've failed instead of counting up my many successes. I get sarcastic and moody, withdrawn and broody.  Not good for a T1!  I'm hoping to discover how I can pull in this secondary Energy to help support the changes I'm making.  For instance, balancing out the start up enthusiasm with a bit of long term perfecting.  I hope these lifestyle changes will offer my T4 side a bit of fodder for perfecting the 'system' of treating myself kindly (and less flippantly), caring for my body with T-Tapp and health giving foods, while still being true to my dominant 1 who needs to not dwell too long on the nitty-gritties.  And needs some transfat every now and then without feeling like a complete failure.

I've been reading Geneen Roth's newest book, Women, Food and God.  I'm thinking it's not helping right now as I'm getting cross-eyed worrying about why I compulsively eat, run away from finding myself, etc.  While I love Geneen's work as a whole, and am so thankful she says out loud in affirming ways what needs to be said about compulsive's something I prolly need to set aside for now.  My T4 rebells, but alas, I need to keep this whole thing light right now....ride the wave of the new, the exciting, the fun.  Maybe I'll pull that book in again down the road, as it does contain much wisdom and goes hand in hand with Energy/Beauty Profiling.  The latter is more FUN, though. :)

How has your energy type affected the way you make change in yourself?  Have you thought about that much?  How effective is goal-setting for your type?  How can you set and accomplish goals if you're not a T3?  That's what I've been a'pondering.....

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  1. First of all, how have you missed the overweight type twos?? If you really have, check out any of my pics in the forum (LOL). But if you think overweight is a T1 thing, and I think it can have T2 origins, as well, maybe mine is explained by the fact that I am a 2/1? :) Lord, help me!

    I like Geneen Roth's work, too, but the main thing I have gained from it is her fullness scale. That really did change my life 10-15 years ago. She gave different degrees of fullness a rating (the Thanksgiving extravaganza she gives an 8 or a 9; 4 is still light enough to move easily, maybe even dance). I decided that I liked 6 and 7 and have done ever since.

    No more eating until I bust.

    Her suggestion about putting small amounts of each thing you want to try from the buffet and then, going back for more of the 1-3 things you really, really like has been a lifechanger for me, too. That is now what I do all the time!

    But she only eats to "4". I have to admit, I loved her a little less after I read that. Call it jealousy if you must!



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