Friday, December 31, 2010

Name their Types!

Here's a picture taken just this afternoon of my crew.  Can you guess their types?

Sometimes I'm fairly sure what everyone is, then I'm not sure at all.  My DIL and SIL throw me. DD in the back middle has done the Body Profiling with Carol Tuttle's Daughter in Law, so we know her Type for sure...can you name it? 

 Here's another pose:

Didn't that make it easier? *snicker*  I can tell you there's several Type 1's in my family and it 'twas they who suggested gopher teeth shot.  Oh, and basically none of them are dressing in their correct chromas except one, perhaps 2.

EDITED with my guesses left to right:
Top Row: Kelly T2, Kristen T1, Josh T4, Maddie T2/4 (Sarah Tuttle profiled her), Andrea T1, C.Ray T4
Bottom row: Sam T4, Gracie T1, Ben T1

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