Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 9 down the pike.

Hubs and I did another day of T-Tapp MORE this evening.  We do the workout an hour or so after dinner, and it's been working so far.  (Hubs is a Type 3, so he helps us get r done).  I also did the T-Tapp Chair, a short workout done sitting down, also on the MORE dvd.  I've had lots of folks ask me what in the world 'tapping' is when I mention what I'm doing.

Teresa Tapp is the creator and founder of T-Tapp.  I'll let her tell ya what it is....

For me, it's exercise I can do.  It's quick, purposeful, and provides results.  For me, that's the bottom line (and don't forget to tuck that bottom, BTW).   When I did T-Tapp 18 months ago, I started with her Basic Workout Plus, an 18 minute routine, and did it almost every day.  I added in a move called 'Organs in Place' at the end, and often did her signature 'Hoe Downs' a couple times during the day.  I couldn't believe how strong I felt.  Then life happened.  As it's known to do.  A lot.

I gained back all my weight and started having health issues again.  I knew T-Tapp was the only exercise I could manage, but by this time, even the Basic Workout Plus was too difficult.  This time I ordered the  MORE Rehab Program.  Perfect fit.  I hope to move onto BWO+ after a month or so, and switch back and forth between the two for awhile until I can just do BWO+ each day.

Eventually I hope to begin adding in one move at a time from the more difficult Total Workout.  It much more focused and difficult (and nearly impossible when you have famine pouches around your mid section, ask me how I know), but produces the fastest results....and get this:  you only need to do it 2 to 3 times a week to get results or maintain inch loss.

The last thing I'm totally stoked about is a T-Tapp clinic I'm attending in a couple weeks!  A trainer from the Indy area is coming to my hometown, so I jumped on the opportunity to meet other tappers and get form tips from a certified T-Tapp trainer.  I won't be able to get thru the workout, and I'll prolly be embarrassed at my pudges, but I'm determined to make it FUN!  I'm stepping WAAAAY out of the box to do this, and I"ll be sure to post pics and share my experience.

For those who already tapp....what's your favorite workout?

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