Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Art of Staying Slim.

I began my day today reading over at Lani Muelrath's site.  There are tons of great articles on healthy lifestyle over there....I came across her site via the T-Tapp forums as she's a trainer there, and she's also one of the workout folks on Teresa's Basic Plus videos.  AND, she's a short torso/long leg like me, and it motivates me to see her looking so vibrant and beautiful!
Anyway, I ran across this terrific blog on the post she wrote called "Art of Staying Slim", and wanted to share a few jewels of wisdom with you:
Yes, it IS possible to enjoy what you eat, exercise a little, and create the life and body you love.  What more artful enterprise than that of a happily healthy body that has become adaptively trim? 
Diets can be equated to food jail:  telling you when, where, and how much to eat, indefinitely.  The assumption is that our bodies have no internal mechanism worth trusting in this regard, and must be watched with a firm hand lest we go totally out of control and eat all the wrong things until we blow up.  
Diets infantilize us.  The power of choice and decision are taken away, further distancing us from our own intuitive ability to become adaptively trim while eating the foods that we love...
We need to be ready and willing to give up the story of seeing ourselves as someone "with a weight problem" and invite our bodies to change along with our minds.
Lani is one of those women I admire because her focus is on health AND feeling beautiful.  She spends a lot of time breaking myths about diet and exercise, cuts to the chase, and gives great ideas for maximizing results with innovative programs, scientific studies, and personal experience.  She is a kindred spirit when it comes to living purposefully, living an examined life, and one of balance and beauty.  It's nice to find mentors in cyberspace. :o)

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