Friday, December 24, 2010

A mere 8 months later.....

Well, chckidees, I didn't exactly fall off the wagon.  I've actually continued Dressing My Truth for the most part in the last months, but this bloggy took a back seat to my other blog ::cottage instincts:: since then.  I've focused more on  my home than on me, though, and things are out of balance.

I've decided to revive this one (as well as adding info for T-Tapp) as a way to refocus on myself and the changes I need to make FOR ME.  This time of year seems  to turn me inward a bit, and a recent trip to the doctor convinced me I need to stop playing around and get down to business taking care of myself.

So here I am.  I've been going back to my Live Your Truth member section and catching up on Club Nights and  Hands On Nights as well as the new forums.  It's all been a great reminder of who I'm meant to be.  For instance, I realized again why my hair drives me batty.  It's gotten too long again as I tried (unsuccessfully) to hide behind it.  I also got glasses, and while the ones I ended up getting are a tad 'heavy', they're also fun and definitely make a statement (as a nod to my Type 4 secondary).  See?

The color is what I call 'black cherry'. (my mirror needs cleaned....yowsa)

 And they have these blingy dragonflies on the side. A-yup.

They're kinda wide, but have rounded corners and a slight upward tilt towards the sides.

I'm hoping to do something totally new with my hair in the near future....maybe an inverted bob with lots of texture and layers....maybe curls, which I think will make my whole look pretty unique.

I still prefer my face sans glasses, but I'll only really need to wear them during the school day.  The rest of the time they'll be perched in this general vicinity.

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  1. Awesome blog! SO type one, and since one is my secondary, I am sure to enjoy it.

    Adding you to my fashion blogroll!



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