Friday, April 9, 2010

Shopping my Truth.

I'm starting with some pics of my hair worn up.  Opinions? (this was yesterday)

Those streaks you see are part of the old vintage mirror, not my boys fingerprints.  *snicker*

K, enough of that. Onward.

Well, I think I've officially bought every easter egg colored piece of clothing in NE Indiana.  You think I'm kidding.

Ok, I am.

Anyway, Walmart has tons of fun-ness on clearance right now, and I had me quite a ball at the Dollar Store.  Here's what I picked up there:

Seriously?  How fun are all these shoes.  Come on now.

Couple pair of jeans....7 bucks a pop.  Still a weensy bit too snug....go T-Tapp!

Navy sequins belt with one...

Top stitch detail on the super key-ooot pocket.

More topstitching and button detail on d'other one.

Lots of summery tops and a scarf with ball fringe.....everyone oooo and ahhhhh. Thanks.

Loot from the Dollar Store.  I even bought picks and combs in my chroma.  I like that pearl barrett too.  They're all random sizes and the clip is brassy gold. 

Some eye bling.....loose powder shimmering eye shadow.  This one is called 'Sunshine'!

This one is  'Lollipop'....

And 'Honey Suckle'.

I know.  Love.

Close up of those lovely wee butterflies....

Silk flowers in pink and chocolate brown.  One is on a headband, the other is a pony holder.  Got 'em in the kids hair section.

Here's a purple tank I got too.  Can't remember the last time I bought PURPLE ANYTHING.

Key-ooot buttons:

Today I curled my hair back and up.  By this evening it was droopy, though.  I need more product I 'spose.

This weekend I'm gonna try to film my makeover video for the DYT contest.  You know about that right?


  1. oh oh oh I have that sparkly loose eye powder. I wear it all over my face (or at least the gold I do) I made sure my cute friend Ellen got some too. Found mine at the dollar store too. I have found tons of fun flip flops! One had flowers with a silver center thing, I took out my gold leafing pen and silver NO MORE! I also found a rainbow scarf with white peace signs all over it. My first thoughts, "Oh that will make a fun belt!" and waalah here I am sitting in my new belt! :o)

  2. To get your hair to lift more & not droop you need shorter layers on top. You'll be amazed the difference it makes to curling and shaping your hair!!

    LOVE that lollipop eye shimmer, just gorgeous! I soo need more bling. Aussies seem to think all bling has to be done on a silver background. it's just wrong!!!

  3. Yes Mish Fish I agree with the shorter layers. It was amazing when I cut my bangs yesterday what a difference it made. I want to get my hair long enough to ponytail again but I was just thinking today that I would still need it pretty short on top, not quite a mullet, cuz that is just UGLY!!!

    People like that 'ICE' look with the diamonds on silver. I love the sparkle of diamonds in gold. I never really noticed much until DYT but wow what a difference. I wish you luck on your bling search!!!

  4. I guess I'm going to need more layers on top, or else get another perm...which I'm kinda wishing I had done instead of the highlights.

    I made another appointment in 5 weeks, so I'll deal with droopy til then. :)

    And I always liked gold with diamonds, but followed the 'trend' with silver. I'm glad to be getting back to my gold!


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