Thursday, April 8, 2010

Finding Balance in my Type 1 World

Yeah, so I know I've only been at this for like a couple weeks, but I'm wondering about balance already.  As in, I don't think it looks right to have a bangle on every wrist, rings on every finger, and 10 necklaces 'round my neckage.

In the decorating world, for me, I'm drawn to our chromas in pastels...think beach cottage.  But with a few pops of bling like a sparkly chandy over the chippy turquoise farm table.  Or a huge bouquet of bright fushia roses in a simple antique enamelware pitcher. Get it?  I have a pretty strong Type 4 that has had its way for too many years, but I don't want to completely go so random that my decorating seems overdone.  I think having a bold and striking pop of color amidst airy pastels is random too.  I want to meld them together in a harmonious way.....having fun, but perfecting my taste all the time. See?

This blog has lots of bright colors, pretty T1.  But my other blog is full of softer pastels with a pops of aqua and spring green.  The feel of each is very different, but I think they both support my T1.  Especially when you notice my writing style over there.  You think you're getting a soft romantic blogger, then I step into the limelight. *grin*  I like the contrast.  Plus I change it up over there constantly. 

In my clothing choices, I really don't want to be cutesy....cute, yes, cutesy no.  I think I'll practice adding one piece of bling jewelry, but keeping the rest toned down to straight gold.  I feel like if I wear too much bling, nothing stands out, and you can't appreciate the beauty of each piece.  Like a cluttered house.  Maybe, though, now that I think about it, if I want my face to stand out, then having just one bling piece would compete with that.  Having lots of bling 'in the background' would help them blend together into a supporting role.  Hmmmm.  Thoughts?

How has understanding and learning about your type carried over into how you decorate?  Afterall, the whole reason I was curious about Energy/Beauty Profiling was to help me narrow down my choices in my interior design!

So here's a cute outfit I put together today:

It veers rather close to a Type 2 with the linen blouse and muted blue of the sweater, but there's enough structure and animation in the glittery buttons, and the rest of my jewelry.  Lots of sparkle!  Plus it's a vintage style with cool diagonal stitching.  And the flipped up sleeves help.  This is a totally 'me' style.  I soooo shoulda been born in California in the 50's.  Truly.  Just need a retro scarf for my hair or around the neckage....which I don't have (yet)....the scarf, not the neckage.  I'd prolly just wear jeans with it.  Baby it's cold outside.

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  1. As a type 1 that has been at this for a while... First make sure that the blue is not muted with gray, it looks like a 2 color not a 1. If it's muted by having a touch of orange it might pass.

    Marcy Brown is a type 1/4 and she is a very "toned down" 1. She tends to keep her clothes in similar hues and then maybe adds a pop with different colored shoes and bag. She also will wear a colored piece of jewelry with the rest being gold. For me this is too "boring" my second is a 3 hehe

    Last thought. I am currently in school as an interior designer. I am loving my color class and have set my intent at designing homes for the people that live in them based mainly on energy profiles. It's so fun!


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