Saturday, April 10, 2010


Felt like chocolate today....which would be, um,  nothing new.  So instead of eating my body weight in coco puffs, I got busy Dressing My Truth.

I'm taking my newly typed 20 year old daughter out shopping today to window shop for her T2 chromas.
                  (her wedding day last June)

Here's her dad and I with her....I wore a chocolate brown silk dress.  Prolly a cross between a T1 and T2, but pretty good for not having a clue at that time, ya know?

While I'm at it, here's all three of my girls....I think the other two are T1's like me:

I considered wearing some blindingly bright colors, you know, just to throw the sales lady at J Jill a bit, but decided on my chocolate brown v-neck with some gold bling added.  Wearing a pale beige swing skirt on the bottom with my rockin' gold flower shoes. 

I {heart} these things more than I can say.

I tried Anne's curly hair technique on the bottom half of my hair that still has perm left, using my sad collection of products.  On top, I used my curling iron to get lift around my crown.  Takes WAAAAY too long to do this.  I think most days my hair will be going Upsy-daisy to tell you the truth.  Anyway, here I am in the present, with youngest son at the top of the stairs playing 'puter games:

My blurry outfit.  I promise I'll take better pictures.  Maybe.

Have a Saturday, because well, you don't have much choice in the matter now, do you?  Make it a good one.


  1. Just 4 words for you....



    You're so cute Cindy!!

  2. Just my first impression but I'm way curious what your daughters are because one of them does not come off as a 1 to me. I heard Anne say she first sees what impression she gets off of a pic then sees what the features say. When you find out let us know :)

  3. I've only had the daughter on the far right typed, and Sarah's first impression was a 2, though she saw lots of 4 also.

    The daughter on the far left is definitely a 1, pretty much textbook. She never stops moving, and pretty much has dressed that truth since her birth! Came home from Florida with yellow toenails, and a pearl earring in her newly pierced ear (cartlage). She can never have enough bling in her clothes and jewelry. Can't decide on her secondary....

    The middle daughter is also high movement and giggly, but much more sensitive. Her whole face is round, but I think I can see some Type 3 in her too. I can see active/reactive in her personality too. Then there's the whole 'blended' thing in her features. She doesn't like jewelry much.

    My two younger boys are hard to type too....10 year old I think is a 1/3. 8 year old has 1 in there somewhere, but is also a perfectionist. Maybe a 1/4 like me?

    I don't have the extra $ to get the other girls typed right now, but will in the near future.

  4. you have Charlotte Russe stores where you are? That's where I got them. It's really a trendy Type 2 store, but they have fabulous accessories. :)

  5. Really? I can't wait till you get your "definitely a 1" profiled :) My oldest is a 17yo boy that I know is 4 but he behaves very much as a 1, it's a very well blended second. Here's one thing that really cinches it for me with him. I always wished I was poised enough to be in a formal black tie affair. I know now that I can go but I will be me. My son though, wow I could totally see him doing the tux thing! He can pull off the formal look VERY well. No matter how I try I'm still CUTE! I have a daughter that I really struggle with. She's very type 1 and very type 4. She looks better in silver and black then gold and tints so I'm guessing she's a 4. She's going to be 7 on the 27th and I also don't have the money to do the profiling. I wish I did. My 2yo daughter is DEFINITELY a 1. I used to hate type 1 clothes on her until I realized that the reason was because she'd have these dresses I LOVED then they'd "disappear" on her. I took a pic of her with my gold belly dance hip scarf on her head and WOW!!! it works. :) I have my older daughter and at a couple of my boys to type other wise I know. I think knowing half is pretty good :)


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