Sunday, April 11, 2010

New sensations...

A bit of randomness, true to my Type 1.  Yesterday I was suddenly over the brights.  Dumped all my blacks, greys, and nothings and have filled my closet with brights.  Tired of them all ready.  I actually walked by my pile of death (otherwise known as two overflowing laundry baskets of solid black clothing I'm donating) and actually missed the quietness of them.  Must be my Type 4.

Anyone else do this?  I went thru some online catalogues this morning searching for style and colors that I liked, but I didn't see much.  I kinda see myself defaulting to denim, white and deep brown.  I'm having a hard time deciphering between the Type 2 denim and Type 1 denim, though. I need some softer pastels maybe, and some plain-ish gold jewelry for day to day.

So those are thoughts I'm having.  I've actually been in a sorta funk since getting back from shopping yesterday.  I found a beautiful 24carat gold over sterling necklace on 75% off at Kohl's, but other than that, I kept fighting depression over my weight issues.  I can't just go into any old mall store and buy cute Type 1 clothes....and the Type 1 clothes in the plus shops look um, well, not like something I want to put on my body.  It's hard to feel 'cute' when you're overweight at the mall. 

I'm also struggling a bit with my hair.  The highlights have left it really dry and course, and there's too much weight around my face. The curl left at the bottom makes the top look droopy, and there's only so much product I can put in there!  I think I need more layers or something, but I don't want to go shorter.  Maybe some bangs?  I was a pretty au natural kinda girl, so all this makeup and layers and jewelry is beginning to feel like a bit of a drag.  Again, looking for some balance and prolly just need to give myself some time.  My Type 4 wants it perfect NOW.  Phooey.

Here's some funnish bits of video I shot of my daughter and I on our shopping excursion yesterday.  I was mostly focused on helping my her as she is deciding between a 2 and 4 (Sarah Tuttle said she saw mostly 2 in her features, but we thought she was a 4...which didn't excite her much, so we're going with the 2 for now).  Anyway, we shopped for two stuff, and she found some great deals and beautiful, drapey muted pieces.  You should see her is evenly divided between all black for work, and all greys and muted purples for home.  :)

Here's Maddie, telling me in detail (snicker) why these eye brushes rock:

Looking at hair crap, trying to tell the difference between a Type 3 gold and Type 1 gold...I think I said I'm 'sposed to wear the "brassy gold", but I meant the bright shiney gold.

Looks like the Children's Place is carrying all Type 1 clothes for kids this season.  Too bad they don't have a store for adult Type 1s like this!

Heading in to Kohl's.....

Maddie finally found a purse at Gordmans....


  1. I think some of us type 1's - especially those of us with a 2 or 4 secondary can find ti really hard to constantly wear the brighter end of our chroma.

    DOn't get me wrong, I LOVE favourite outfit right now is denim capris that I dyed to a bright aqua, with a seriously vibrant orange T-shirt, aqua & orange beaded flip-flops. (saying that feels weird... in Oz we call them thongs!) Throw it in there with my pink/blue/purple hair & it's quite the combo. LOL

    BUT... having said that, I absolutely have days where I NEED calm, I NEED quiet and I downright NEED my energy to be calmed. Yesterday was one of those days & I actually did pull out a black T-shirt and wear it because it was what I *needed* at that time.

    I balance my wardrobe with brights and pastels, but I also am currently indulging in the darker tints as well. I find the darker ones - especially denim, help quiet my need for calm at times. In DYT Carol said denim with white showing through is good for type 1's.

    I don't know if you did DYT live or online, but online she held up a pair of dark navy denim pants that were faded down the centre of the legs - giving you that white fill. I've used that as my base, then from there, I've branched out into whatever *feels* right.

    I don't carry my chroma card much any more, I prefer to go on what feels right... what draws me in & I find most of the time it ends up being the right kind of colours accidentally which is fun!

    Go with your gut. DYT is a starting point & if you get caught up in 'doing it right' you'll never be happy. Follow you gu instinct for what is right for you as an individual now that you know what feeling you're looking for and things will fall into place!

  2. Mish I don't use my card either. I do better w/o it because I go off my natural instinct instead of over-analyzing.

    I am currently wearing a chocolate brown because even with a second of a 3 I need things to be a little less sometimes. There are days I don't wear jewelry. When I feel myself slipping into depression though is when I have to go over the top with sparkles and dress as 1 as I can. It'd be too easy to settle back into what I was.

    As for all natural for thing I have had fun doing is finding colored mascara. I have done just mascara days, with the color it is still fun without being much. I have also used calmer eyeshadow say a pink vs my fave blue. The mascara we found here is physician's formula (I think) it has color on one end and black on the other. It's worth having the black that never opens!!! they have blue, pink, green and purple! I love them!!!

  3. One more thing...jeans. I have found jeans that are lightweight with the spandex in feel the best. Also color I like ones that have blue with white lines. I had struggled with jeans but once I figured out what I like I can now go straight to them w/o dealing with ones I know I wont' LOVE.



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