Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More shopping, more revelations.

So.  How's my Type 1 homies doing this fine Tuesday afternoon?

Today, I wore a dangerously-close-to-Type-4 peachy-orange v-neck top with some dark navy trouser jeans, and a dangerously-close-to-Type-4 hairdo.  And I felt really pretty.  I had all subdued gold jewelry on, and my happy green spring jacket, so it was definitely a more Type 1 chroma.  And my gold sandals.  I think I came off pretty well.  I'm thinking my 'look' will always incorporate lots of Type 4 and Type 2 elements.  For now, anyway, that feels good.  It's kinda sorta like a Type 4 wearing all Type 1 colors and accessories with a bit of Type 2 fabrications and stuff.  But always the overall being a Type 1. Me likey.

Anne said in my body profile that Type 1's often have 2 competing secondaries, and mine were 4 and 2.  So there ya go.  I want to focus a lot on how things 'feel' when I put them on.  If it's pulling down my energy too much, then I need to up the Type 1 factor, generally with color or more accessories.  (BTW, does anyone recognize my Type 2 analyzing coming out here?  And that the first part of the word 'analyzing' can describe my Type 4 slip peeking out???)

Alright, now I'm gonna whine a bit.  Feel free to skip to the pictures. I'm really not caring for having so much product in my hair, and I'm really not enjoying styling it.  Takes a long time, and my brain is always so focused on getting myself ready FAST so I can get to all the ideas I have for the day :)  I did find a great deal on a 1" ceramic flat iron at Marshall's.  It's some European brand.  I think that will help the hair-fixing go faster.  Here's hoping.

Also picked up a few makeup brushes while I was there: a kabuki brush, and angled eye brow brush, and a brush like the one Maddie was telling me about in the video in Sunday's post.

Also found a wristlet purse.  Been searching for one.  It's actually an alligator print of white, dark brown and light beige with a gold clasp.  Random, fun, and with low contrast colors.  I like purses that either drape like a small messenger tote, or a wristlet that stays out of my way.  I can't seem to keep other purses up on my shoulder, and I hate when their bulk is under my arm.  Since I have a small leather drapey purse, I thought I'd try the wristlet for funsies.  No, you don't know that it's a Jessica Simpson brand.  You absolutely don't know that her signature is gold plated on the back of the clasp. 

Here you can kinda see the circle necklace I got on wicked sale Saturday.  It's the airiest piece of jewelry I have ever seen.  'Tis lovely.  This pic was taken yesterday....click on it to make it bigger so you can see the dainty circles of the chain, it's the longer one.

Been contemplating things on the decorating front as well.  I have lots of black accents that are kinda bugging me.  Now I know why.  On the other hand, I want my house to be peaceful, so the happy medium I'm coming up with is dark brown accents with lots of white and pastel-y type colors.  Springtime, beachy colors.  Thankfully, most of my rooms are painted like that anyway.  (Hear my Type 3 hubby cheering in the background).  I'm having my cheater chroma card laminated, and plan to take it to the paint store with me later in the week. :)

How have you all incorporated your Type into your homes?  How do you plan to allow for the other types living in your home?

Tomorrow or the next day, I'm working on a post exploring some kinda personal stuff that's occurred to me over the last few days.  I'd love some feedback from others on how you've processed some of the ickies that surfaced after you began DYT.  I love to hear others stories.  Helps me feel so un-alone on this journey.....


  1. I find as I begin combining elements of our chroma that more & more I am realising just how much crossover there is between some of the colours in the various types.

    My best friend is a strong type 2 with a secondary 1. I'm ohhh sooo type 1 with a strong secondary type 2. I'll pick things up knowing they're type 1 and she'll say oh but that's type 2! Especially in the darker hues. It's been fascinating learning about our respective paths.

    I'm also finding, DYT is a GREAT place to start, Carol has done a phenomenal job with what she has produced.... but there is also so much more individuality in it than I ever suspected at first. Certain hues that lift me up and let me fly may very well pull down another type 1. Sooo so cool to learn more as I go!

    If you look in my wardrobe, most of my 'dressy' clothes have been type 2 because that's who I thought I was initially. Then I came to realise I was a 1 and called blog talk radio for confirmation & Carol said I'm a type 1.

    When I hold my chroma card to my type 2 clothes, the hues I had chosen vibrate totally and are absolutely type 1 energy as well! It totally astounded me! They're softer styles, more flowing... but the colours are perfect, so don't judge your semi-type 4 clothes too harshly, for you they obviously work!

    As for furnishings... oh my, how I was laughing about this just yesterday!!! I suddenly had a light bulb moment and grabbed my chroma card. Took it to my lounge room where I discovered all my dark furniture is EXACTLY type 1 dark chocolate brown. Here I was thinking my home didn't suit me at ALL, and it's perfectly me! The amount I have instinctively done in type 1 chroma is astounding, I had no idea!!

    Thankfully 3 of my 5 kids are type 1's and my 4th child has a STRONG type 1 secondary.... so the furniture works for them too. I only have one child who I have no idea what she is as she is hiding too deeply within herself... but I will coax her out one day!

    So.... when I write, can you totally see my type 1/2 coming out?? ROFL I am so long winded yet hyper! Hee hee hee!

  2. Hi Cindy! Since I found out at the conference that I'm a type 3, I assumed that my secondary is a T2 since that was where I had been living for the past year.

    But I have been thinking about T1 as well, and I would say those are the two secondaries competing for me. And I think they show up in my design lines and fabrications.

    You look beautiful in your pics!!

  3. P.S. I'm going to try to remember to check out your blog post tomorrow, but feel free to come remind me if I don't! :)


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