Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hair Makeover.

Got my hair done last night for the first time since last June.  I know.  I think it's been a year since I've actually had it cut.  I know.  Don't judge.

Here's my wicked long hair as of last month...pulling my energy down, and wasting my energy trying to keep it out of my face:

Yeah, it was random, but not exactly what I'd call airy, bouncy, light, and fun.  It was rather blah and heavy, actually.  But I liked hiding in it.  Perhaps people might notice my long sweepy hair instead of my thighs, you know?  Ahem.

So here's me today, with my new 'do:

Kapow!  Went to a new stylist that had been recommended to me.  Dressed my truth best I could, sat down in the chair and said "I want fun, light, random, and easy.  Hop to it."  Ok, so I didn't say that exactly, but I did bring in pictures of what I was looking for.  We did highlights and toner, and she cut off almost enough to be donated to Locks of Love. I think I still see paint in it.  That'd be from 2 weeks ago.  *cough*

See my highlights?

Then she added tons of layers and notching to get height around my crown.  She actually used 5 big hot rollers to set it, and I thought it was a good way to get height quickly, and bring large random wave to my hair.  I still have quite a lot of curl left from my spiral perm, so I should have lots of options in styling it. And I like options.

Up until this point in my life, I sorta kinda didn't want to make too much effort on my outward appearance because, well, I'm fat.  About 70 pounds of fat above normal.  I'm thinking I liked the Type 2 clothes because they're drapey and loose and you can hide your shape in them. 

 Switching to the Type 1 colors has been easy because I love them....switching to the more crisp fabrication and animation has been a bit of an issue.  Due to my overweightness (I make up words all the time.  Don't hate.) I don't like anything pinching or too tight or draws attention to my thighs me.  'Course maybe it was my 1-ness all the time, now that I think about it.

  (my thinking face)

Anyway, much of my clothing is a size too big.  And I thought getting prettied-up was a waste of time because in our culture, when you're fat you're not just're invisible.  Which for a Type 1 like me, was rather painful.  Even though I was embarrassed by my weight, I still wanted to wear fun clothes, but when I did, I felt ashamed for drawing attention to myself and my body.  A terrible catch 22, eh?
 (I'm agreeing with myself)

I'm trying really hard to embrace my nature as a Type 1, and have been playing with some pretty over-the-top accessories and color combos.  Some of it feels a bit overdone for everyday, and due to my Type 4 secondary I think I'll end up toning it down a bit for the most part in the long run.  I do like my clinky bracelets and dangley earrings and sparkly rings though!

Speaking of which, although I posted lots of my new clothes and accessories in my first post, here's some more funness....

A PERFECT Type 1 watch, all bright gold with circles and bling (bought at JCPenneys):

Some wicked fun sandals with animated gold flowers....another Type 1 gal (by my reckoning) at the salon last night noticed them immediately and asked where I got them (Charlotte Russe).

With my bright pink toenails and a super cute gold curly-cue toe ring (from Cato), I look quite sassy if I do say so myself.   When I wore them to church on Easter,  I didn't even think about my thighs.  That's progress folks.

I'm having fun closet is looking more and more like a true Type 1:

And it's totally wicked neat to have so much fun jewelry to mess around with.  See that charm watch above?  Each of the three hearts is ingraved with a word: Faith, Hope, Joy.  Can't get more Type 1 than that, KWIM? (There's a closeup of this bracelet watch in my banner up thar yonder.)

Here's my key-oooot blue reading glasses.  And the pearl bobbly bracelet is actually a necklace....I posted a close-up of it in yesterday's post. It has flowers painted on some of the pearls.

That's it for today.  Did you know Carol's newest book Dressing Your Truth-Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile is coming out tomorrow?  I'm totally stoked, and can't wait to share it with my friends.  On my other blog, I wrote a bit about it yesterday along with what's Carol's Beauty Profiling and Dressing Your Truth programs have meant to me. 

I'm hoping to post each day about some element of Dressing Your Truth, so stop by and let's chat!  What kinds of things have you bought from the Type 1 Chroma?  Cool accessories?  What have you had problems with concerning the five elements of Dressing Your Truth?

 And tell me what you think of my hair....


  1. You're pretty much glowing mama! The excitement and curiosity and playfulness are really coming through. I'm happy to see you so pumped up!

    We need to get some other Type 1's out here man! Where the heck are they?

  2. I'm here I'm here!!!

    It is so fantabulous (my favorite nonword) to read your writing. You totally are a 1!!!!!! Make sure to invite Mish Baker and Ellen Deem from the fb groups! They are a hoot!

    I don't know if I have ever met a type 1 that didn't make up their own words!!!! I do all the time!

  3. Oh yeah. I'm excited about the hair cut.

    As a type 1 with 60 to lose I know what you are saying. I hid in a lot of clothes. what is funny though is that you actually draw attention to the weight when you are trying to hide it.

    The sandles (not sure which post those were in) so AWESOME!!! I want! :)


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