Sunday, May 22, 2011

Month 5 Progress Pics.

Down another 6.50 inches this month :)  That brings my total to 44.75 inches in five months.  And 25 pounds gone.  Not too shabby.  Here's some really horrible pictures.  I'm totally frustrated with my camera.  I think I'll switch back to my old canon.  Don't tell hubs.

I'm thinkin' my thighs look a lot more muscular....

I kinda don't like that I'm still the same shape with the same pudges...but I suppose that's just how the fat works.  It melts from the inside out.  The rolls will be the last to disappear. Also, interesting to note I'm still a size 18.  I've not lost any more sizes since January even though I've dropped many inches and pounds.  What's up with that?

And some comparison shots...again, HORRIBLE current pics, but there ya go.  I hope one day this outfit will be falling off me! (click to enlarge pics)

Next month will be SIX WHOLE MONTHS.  Can't believe I've stuck with it this long. I'm pretty proud of myself.  It helps having doctors breathing down your neck too. :) Diabetes doc wants me to lose another 20.  Did I tell you this already?

Anyway,  I'll have hubs take the pics in the same perspective as he did in December to get really good comparison shots next month.



  1. Congratulations! Even if you haven't lost sizes I can sure see the difference! You keep going! Youa re doing great! Hugs- Diana

  2. I'm new to your blog, you are looking fabulous. I scrolled down and have loved your outfits! I think I'm a T1 (typical type 1 thing to say) but I'm going to Utah next month to be drapped for sure. Anyway, I've had a tough time finding T1 clothes. I'm not getting this whole "it vibrates with the card" thing. Also, I'm wondering if I'm looking at more T4 colors. Would love to have some help. Would you email me at if you have have any suggestion. Thanks!

  3. You Go, Girl! You are doing fantastic and deserve a big hug and smile!-) Lol, especially for being so successfully consistent--a real challenge for us T1's. Lookin' GOOD!

  4. You look fabulous and it shows how much work you have been putting in to this. Your skin glows and you look really healthy too! By the way, I am a T1 and love your blog!

  5. So proud of you my friend. Feels good no? Can't wait to hug your skinny neck.

  6. your looking great. I see great improvement in your shape. I need this inspiration for myself too. I could def use a loss of 20 lbs myself! Congrates to you on your success and continued success!

  7. WOW Cindy! Those are some awesome results! Aren't pictures just the way to go? They show so much. CONGRATS!!!

  8. You are looking great! It shows all over, but the face has lost alot. And yes, you glow!

  9. I'm a T1 too ^_^ Have you read "The Beauty Detox Solution" by Kimberly Snyder CN? One of my favorite books. Feel like it helps with natural movement lifestyle. I use tumblr and do more picture blogging and feel like it is helps me stay true to my nature ^_^ addicted! Love being a Type1!!


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