Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thrift Store Scores!

I got out all my recent thrift store/clearance rack clothes to put together some outfits, 
so out came the camera :)

First up:  Barrie's Place White blazer with ruffle trim $1 at consignment shop clearance
Ralph Lauren knee-length multi-color skirt $2 at Goodwill (half off day)

Earrings and necklace (which I snagged off a manequin) from Forever 21. $10
Tank from Target last year.

Shoes and bracelets from Walmart last year.

Next Up:  Pink cordoroy blazer with blingy buttons (need to change silver edge to gold) $2 Salvation Army 
Brown suede skirt with asymetrical crocheted trim $2 Salvation Army
Old Navy striped blouse $1 consingment shop clearance
Jewelry and boots from last year.

Next: Ralph Lauren poly blazer $3 Salvation Army 
Cami from Cato
The Lauren skirt up top would go great with this too, eh?
Star lapel pin .50 at consignment shop. Other jewelry I've had.

It's not this bright in also has great top-stitching detail.

CJ Banks cotton crop jacket $1 consignment shop the scalloped edges!
J. Jill Yellow linen tank  $1.75 Salvation Army
Bracelet Forever 21

Heart jewelry set from Walmart

 White cotton skirt from Cato clearance.  Think I may dye it a pale blue or green :)

Oodles of tops from Coldwater Creek, Talbots, NY and Co. .50 ea at Goodwill (half off day)

Old Navy shirt dress $15 on sale.
J. Crew braided belt .50 Goodwill (half off day)
Honestly, I don't know how to wear this.....It seems too short (for me) to wear without leggings or something.  I'd like to find some navy crop leggings and maybe some gold flats for spring.

Let's see, J. Jill khaki mini skirt, linen blouse, peach mini skirt, floral skirt (chocolate brown background!) Salvation Army less than $2 per item.  Tanks from Target and Cato.

Old navy nubby cropped jacket $4 Goodwill
Peach crops $2 thrift shop

Same Old Navy Jacket in deep pink with wide wale cordoroy mini skirt thrifted for $3 Salvation Army

Pale peach capris $2 at thrift shop
Cato yellow Tee

Old Navy raspberry jacket $2 Goodwill (half off day). 
This a maternity jacket, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why. :)

Gap denim embroidered skirt $10 consignment shop
CJ Banks linen jacket (need to make hardware gold) $1 consignment shop sale

I LOVE this skirt, and can't wait to wear it this's one size down from where I am now.

I don't think there's a more perfect T1 skirt on the planet :)

Some bling for the hair, found at the Dollar Tree.

So... I notice I don't have much green, blue, and purples.....I actually do have some in storage along with whites and yellows, but I'm definitely  gonna look for some more next time I get a thrifting weekend.  

It helps to put together ensembles to find 'holes' in your wardrobe so you can further streamline your shopping and save yourself from spending on items you don't really need.  For instance, I don't think I really need 7 pink jackets!  But each of those up thar are different sizes, so I won't be wearing them all at the same time.  

I have soooo much fun shopping for secondhand stuff.  Because DYT isn't into fad fashion, and because there's such a glut of clothing stores these days, original outfits can be put together for relatively cheap if you haunt the thrifts.  I also buy off season.  I've learned I can make most of them work as 'season-less' with the right accessories. 

I also browse online clothing shops for ideas.  Lately I've been stalking Boston Proper:

Aren't they cute?  Even though every stinking model is a T4 with T2 flowy hair and T3 or T2 poses. Ha.  
Oh, and they're a bunch of size -0s.

So there's some T1 inspiration for all you bright animated's out there.  Have fun mixing and matching all our brilliant tints together and take a chance on a blingy lapel pin or set of jangly bracelets to jazz it up.


  1. Awesome outfits! I think my favorites are the first one and the one with the brown suede skirt.

    I got confused, though, b/c some of the colors looked muted enough that I might have been able to wear them (the collection that included the khaki skirt, for instance). I am still learning as I go, though!

    I don't know if you shop at Lands End, but there's a really cute skirt there (the latest style, knee-length & wide at the bottom) that I wish I cd wear but I know is T1.


  2. Wowsa girl! You've got a bunch of cute stuff there to play around with! I'm LOVING that coat you picked up! That's funny you aren't drawn to the blues and greens ~ those are the colors I'm totally drawn to ~ I don't' have much pink in my wardrobe {yet}! LOL!

  3. Love the first outfit, the navy dress and trench coat. Nice picks!!

  4. You have great style. I just happened upon your blog from "somewhere".
    I am going to bookmark it, I want to hear, er see more.

  5. (((Cindy))), these are FABULOUS outfits - so T1 adorable - love, love, love, love them! Just fantastic finds and so well put together. You have a flare, Girl!

    DYT Kristine


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