Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gettin' my Get-Up-N-Go on the move again...

So anyone who missed Kristine's T3 response to my last blog post needs to go down thar and give it a look-see.  This is TOTALLY how the energies support each other, and yet another reason why I LoVe Energy/Beauty Profiling.  I also got some sweet T2 support from Jeanine.  It's a profound experience to feel every emotional need being met with the different energies.....even those I didn't know I needed! Thanks girls...

Anyway, I'm back in the saddle and changed up some of my workouts a bit.  I haven't really found a rhythm yet, but I'm getting there. I've been switching back and forth between MORE and the first part of LadyBug Standing.    I'm thinking I do about 30 minutes of intense movement.  I need to time it as T-Tapp recommends an every-other-day schedule.  On Off days, exercise should be limited to 20 minutes or less. And there should always be at least one day completely OFF.  I find I still need to do at least a Primary Back Stretch though.

 In the meantime, I've been haunting both the LYT and T-Tapp forums, finding support and tips.  They keep me grounded.  When I isolate and think I can do it by myself, I begin a downward spiral.  I'm also going back thru Women Food and God with a fine tooth comb.  Such words of healing and understanding.  So far I'm practicing staying with myself when unpleasant emotions come up.  Which is usually just after I've stopped myself mid-grab for a treat.  Funny how that happens :)  I'll ask myself, what do I feel in my tummy?  Not hunger!  What am I hungry for?  Not an easy question to answer....and sometimes it has to do with what just happened before.

Today, for instance, I had a fabulous time visiting with a dear friend.  I'd picked up some soft pumpkin/chocolate chip cookies for my son who just had his braces worked on today.  On the way home, I found myself reaching for another one........ok, stop.  What do I feel?  This time I felt joy and contentment.  I felt peaceful.  So why did I reach for another cookie?  I'd say it was partly habit (I used to eat in the car a lot), and partly because I use food to keep me company with any strong emotional this case joy.  So I quickly decided I just wanted to enjoy the happy feeling without the cookie and see what that felt like.

Within nano-seconds I'd forgotten about the darn cookies, and wasn't even tempted with the boys each had one.  That's progress.

Geneen talks about tolerating what we think is intolerable.  Often emotions get stirred and we think the feelings will overwhelm us, so we reach for food/alcohol/sex/shopping/etc. to leave ourselves for a bit.  Sensual (meaning physical) experiences are marvelous for drowning out the the more messy emotional experiences.  Sticking a tentative toe into the murky waters of feeling the feeling without leaving is the road to freedom.  But boy is it takes patience, kindness, courage.  I'm actually wanting to experiment with talking to myself in these times as if I were my own child....words of comfort and strength, and promises to just 'be here with you' through it.  Be a doula to myself.  Interesting.  I'll keep you posted....

And before I go, here's a jacket I love:

Not sure of the source, but maybe Boston Proper? And check out the lace insert jeans!  Me want.

I'm doing some shopping tomorrow, and I'll be sure to show off any new T1 goodies I find :)

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