Monday, December 27, 2010

I spy with my little eye....

Type 1 voice:  A woman who looks pretty darn happy.
Type 4 voice:  A chunky arm, no chin, wrinkles in forehead, hair lopsided.

Hmmm....which voice would you choose?

I must say watching all the different types in my extended family during holiday celebrations is a scream.  My  Type 4 brother was bemoaning how during the gift exchange there was one too many presents for the number of people.  I was like 'eh, who cares?'  Discovered later that it was ME that brought one too many presents...Type 1 that I am :)  Ooops.  Thats's my Type 2 daughter in the pic with me....she needs to connect with every person in the room.  She wants to see everyone's reaction to their gifts...especially from her.  She has such a strong secondary 4, that I swear she must be 51% Type 2 and 49% Type 4.  Sometimes I get whiplash around her :)

Considering what to do with the hair issue.  Too long again.  Too heavy.  I tried cutting my bangs, and think I look ok in the mirror...then decide 'ick' when I see a picture.  Notice they're pinned back in the above pic.  I am resisting the urge to wait until I drop some sizes. I'd love to get a sassy, fun short inverted bob, but I really don't like my already too round face and am afraid that might draw attention to said roundness.   Any suggestions?

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