Monday, April 26, 2010

A whole week? Whah?

Sorry folks, my Type 1-ness took over a bit too much last week and I didn't get around to posting!  I want to do better with that.

So....what's new around here, you ask? I went a'thriftin' on Saturday....actually hit a couple consignment shops and picked up some tops and capris (pics below). Also some random gold pins that are very cool. Er, warm.

I've been dressing in my chroma best I can, and actually did my hair and makeup almost everyday.  Having fun with that, but still not caring much for having so much goop in my hair.  Gonna have to find lighter products or get some more layers cut in next appointment.

Went to my daughter's dance I am with my girlies.  I was wearing all neutrals basically, but I did have a chocolate brown flower in my hair (to match the shirt you can't see under my denim jacket).  And gold jewelry.  Of course.

Looking at the picture above, I think my blond highlights wash me out.  Maybe it's the flourescent lighting?  We all look pale, I guess....well, except for my daughter with the stage makeup on :)

Been thinking more about homeschooling my younger guys again.  Understanding and learning about my Type 1 characteristics and gifts and finding out the boys' Types (not sure about the youngest), I think I could really enjoy it instead of getting bogged down with it as I used to do.  I feel confident in choosing curriculum that will support my Type AND the kids' types.  BTW, here's a pic of my youngest who is about to turn 9.  What are your impressions on first glance of his type?

Here's another one of all my kids....Sam is on the far left.  I had Maddie in the burgundy profiled by Sarah Tuttle as a Type 2-4.

My guesses on the others: Gracie in purple Type 1, Kristen in red and black, Type 1, Ben on her lap Type 1, C.Ray Type 4.  Sam is a mystery to me.  He smiles like his oldest brother with no teeth.  He's an active little boy, very competitive and athletic.  He can be really goofy with the family, but tends to be quiet in a crowd or new environment.  Very good student,  gets homework done quickly, focuses well, and is obedient as long as he knows what's expected of him and he understands the 'why' of something.  He was a very easy baby, and is very devoted to his siblings and his dad and I.  He is very confident in himself (he told me he's "basically good at everything") without a hint of pride.
He's a bit spoiled as the baby of the family, and his sisters dote on him constantly.  As I'm writing this, I'm leaning toward Type 4???  What say you?

Ok, so here's some pics of me in some new tops....YELLOW!

(Is that pink lipstick too much?)

Check out the earrings!

This is how I've been wearing my hair to keep it out of my face.  I see bangs in my future....

See the wee butterfly pin?  I didn't like the shirt buttoned all the way up, but one side flops back more than the other....I sayz to myself "just go with the that sucker back permanantly with a lapel pin!"  So's I did.

Close up:

The sleeveless eyelet top (over a plain T) has great details and lots of animation....see the bottom (and my tommy hilf. capris snagged for $14 at consignment):

The weather has been totally dreary the last few days, and pretty cool.  I notice how much it affects my mood.....wearing my bright colors helps me face the day.

One other interesting tidbit, we found a snapping turtle in our backyard yesterday.  I named him Fred.  I took some film so you can hear my voice, Gracie's voice (remember, I think she's a Type can't see her, but she's bouncing all over the place, giggling, and talks basically non-stop thru-out), and hubby's Type 3 movements and voice (talk about action/reaction!).  Sam was there too, but you won't hear much from him.  He hung back and observed.  What a great 'study' in watching how each of us responded to this out-of-the-box experience :) 

Gracie's giggling is over the top hilarious in this one....

So there ya have it.  Have there been circumstances in your world that made you step back and notice how the Types within your own families have reacted?  I find it fascinating.  And we're a pretty goofy family, all at least maybe you were entertained :)

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  1. I love the lapel pin! And I do think the florescent lights washed all of us out. I think the highlights look great mommy. I do think maybe bangs would be more comfortable for you if you're feeling the need to pin them back a lot.

    Let's hang out this weekend! Love you.


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