Sunday, February 6, 2011

What I wore in Florida.

We're back from paradise and now readjusting to the the frozen tundra of NE Indiana.  Boo. 

So here's some shots of outfits I put together on the fly as I'm inbetween sizes, and I didn't pack enough warm weather stuff.   So I ended up wearing a lot of white :)  

Day 1 at Universal's new Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which was awesome, by the way):

Got the Type 1 white watch and sparkly sunglasses at Charming Charlie's (and lost them the last day...yeah, I'm a 1).  Bling heart necklace and white blouse are from Walmart. 

That's me way down can see my denim skirt....still needs to be lightened a bit, but it's prolly fine as is.  Used my chocolate brown leather backpack all week too.

Pink long sleeved Tee with chocolate brown capri's from the Gap and Reef flip flops.
 Demon child is my son Sam.  

V- neck white Tee with same brown capri's (after a full day at Hollywood Studios, rather exhausted)...

Earlier that day in our PINK convertible at the Sci Fi Diner!  FUN!

At Epcot, pink blouse and light denim capri's from Goodwill and secondhand shops, aqua hoodie from Macinac Island adventures last summer.

Here's a faraway shot of me with my boys entering Ellen's ride.

In Animal Kingdom with all my kids and Flick.  (Hubs was still at his conference). 

Long white skirt was from Cato last year, scoop neck Tee from Old Navy, long light denim top (dress?) from Target's clearance rack.  

Yep....white, denim, chocolate brown and pale pink.  I had more colorful outfits packed for cold weather, but it never got very cool while we were there.  And I ain't complainin'.

Below is a bit of video my daughter's boyfriend shot of her, her two sisters, and me at the Magic Kingdom's Street Party.  I wore a sleeveless eyelet blouse and a big colorful crocheted rosette pin with my short denim skirt.  Only an almost 44-year old Type 1 woman with some fluff to lose would dance like this, eh?

BTW, she's also a T1 as is my daughter in the navy top and white shorts, but they don't necessarily dress their truth.  I'm working on it :) Other daughter is in the dark grey with cream sweater on my other side and she's got her hair dark with a couple blond streaks (she's an almost even T2-4).

She's totally 'acting' embarrassed...this girl has never met a crowd she won't perform for :)

I also noticed there aren't many pictures of me as I always had the camera.  Need to remedy that next trip!

I'll talk about how I incorporated T-Tapp into our vacation next post!


  1. Awww, I'm dying to get my kid some Disney Park action!

  2. Cindy, you look awesome and your outfits are way comfy for a Disney vacation!

    Kristine (DYT Forum)


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