Thursday, January 6, 2011

I got a new 'do.

Check it out:

I'm ridding myself of any extra 'heaviness' in my life, so the hair was the first to go.  So what say you?  Type 1 enough?  All I know is I felt lighter, free-er and ready to face whatever comes as I drove away from the salon.  It was a totally random, spontaneous decision, and it felt delicious.

I also reeled in some pretty decent finds at the Goodwill:  some Ralphy Lauren (the top I'm wearing above), J.Jill, J. Crew, and Talbot goodies in my chromas.  Been a long time since I shopped my Truth.  'Bout time, eh?  I'm determined to take good care of myself so I'm able to take good care of my family thru this season of uncertainty.

Thank you for all your kind emails and comments about my mom.  We're all facing this best we can, simplifying and taking each day as a gift.  It helps to know we're not alone and not the only ones to have walked this journey.


  1. What is this blog and why haven't I seen it!? It's lovely! It's so light and airy and well - I just love it!!! Love the hair to. It's just what you needed sweetie. Love you.

  2. It's cute!! Very type one :)


  3. OMG your hair is so CUTE! I want your hair! Love it, love it...


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